We care deeply about the client investment experience, so we have teamed up with UOB to make the CPF Investment Account (CPF-IA) opening process seamless, and entirely online.

Every CPF member needs a CPF Investment Account (CPF-IA) in order to invest their CPF Ordinary Account (CPF OA) savings. You can now open a CPF-IA seamlessly with UOB entirely online in just minutes.

STEP 1: Complete the CPF Self-Awareness Questionnaire

You must first complete the CPF Investment Scheme (CPF-IS) Self Awareness Questionnaire before you can start investing under CPF-IS. It starts with learning modules on investment concepts, products and information on charges under the CPFIS. You will then take a quiz where your results will help you assess if CPFIS is suitable for you.

The questionnaire contains 20 multiple-choice questions with no pass score. If you already have a CPFIS account and wish to check your SAQ status, you can click Check my CPFIS SAQ Status.

Login with Singpass to complete CPFIS SAQ

Read more: Guide to understanding fees for investing in unit trusts under the CPF Investment Scheme (CPF-IS) (Endowus Insights)

STEP 2: Open your CPF-IA with UOB

Go to the UOB x Endowus CPF Investment Account portal and login using your Singpass to create your account in a few clicks.

This form is optimised for mobile.

Open a CPF-IA online in 2 minutes with UOB

Optimised for mobile

You should receive an email confirmation from UOB within 3 days with your CPF-IA details. If not, you can:

1) Log in to CPF website with SingPass
2) Navigate to My Statement > Section C
3) Click Investment in the table

You will see your Agent Bank and CPF-IA number under the table. Complete creation of your account here.

If you already have an Endowus account, simply link your CPF-IA and you'll be ready to invest.