Upgrade your financial knowledge with Endowus as we take you through how to invest with your CPF, SRS and Cash. Sam Rhee, our Chairman and CIO, takes us through the painpoints of investing, how far behind most of us are, and how Endowus is here to make a difference as Singapore's 1st CPF digital advisor, on a secure and convenient platform - at the lowest fees possible.


  1. How we are solving the painpoints of investing
  2. Endowus versus other platforms
  3. Jumpstart your retirement plans starting with low fees

1:19 Seedly walkthrough
5:19 More time at home due to COVID – what to do?
6:54 Painpoints of investing
7:48 How far behind are we for our retirement planning?
9:40 Introduction to Endowus and our team members
12:45 Endowus versus traditional players
13:48 Security and safety of your assets  
16:46 Investing at your comfort level, and not be easily sold  
21:24 Why should we be we wary of our advisors?
23:52 CPF investing - is it what people are looking for, and what are the high costs involved?
28:55 How Endowus delivers a convenient experience  
30:13 Endowus Insights  
33:00 Sign-up process
44:38 Difficulties of investing  
45:45 Giving you diversified investments
48:14 Diversification through Dimensional funds
49:10 How we optimize for Dividend Withholding Tax
50:00 Solving CPF investment intelligently  
52:08 Highlight all-in cost issues with existing fund distribution
52:50 How we avoid FX cost
53:18 Adhering to CPF sales charges and wrap fees
53:46 Comparing cost across US and local robos, and Endowus
59:07 Seedly QnA