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Investment funds list

The following list of funds (unit trusts) have been curated by the Endowus Investment Office and are available in Singapore Dollars (SGD) on the Endowus platform for Retail and Accredited Investors in the Endowus advised portfolios and Fund Smart customisable portfolios. As indicated, different funds are available for investment from different funding sources - Cash, CPF & SRS.

You may find that in many cases Endowus is the only way to access certain funds and strategies such as: S&P 500 for CPF-OA, Dimensional & PIMCO institutional share-class funds for Cash / SRS

This is because Endowus, as your investment advisor, works directly with leading global fund managers to make their best products available to everyone at a low and transparent cost.

For the best fund viewing experience, please visit this page on a desktop. We recommend that you view on a larger screen to view additional fund information as well as to filter, sort, and group funds.

The total expense ratio (TER) is the fund-level fee, and charged by the fund managers. The TER is embedded in the Net Asset Value (NAV), or trading ‘price’ of a Fund.

Endowus has a 100% trailer rebate policy and the Net TER is the best indicator of net fund-level fees when investing with Endowus.

Endowus has access to funds in all major currencies (USD, EUR, GBP, etc) that are not listed. Please contact support@endowus.com to find out more.

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