Which funds are in the Endowus Core Portfolios (Advised Portfolios)?

Endowus has done extensive due diligence and analysis to make asset allocation and portfolio construction decisions to select the best-in-class funds for your customised portfolio. We have chosen some of the most respected global fund management companies with aligned interests in serving you, and who share our values and investment philosophy. We have carefully selected their best investment products that have exhibited solid long-term performance with consistent investment characteristics, and offer these at attractive institutional-level costs (including 100% Cashback on any trailer fees). These fund managers manage the underlying funds in your portfolio.

We may at times deploy other best-in-class funds from other fund management companies if we feel it is the best way to express our asset allocation views or if the additional funds improve the risk-return profile of the portfolio.


Funds in the Cash/SRS Portfolios 

Funds in the CPF Portfolios (All Funds are on the CPF Investment Scheme (CPF-IS) included List of Unit Trusts)


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