Fund Rationale: PIMCO GIS Income Fund

PIMCO GIS Income Fund
SGD Institutional Class Income Shares (ISIN: IE00BSTL7535)
SGD Hedged Institutional Accumulation Shares (ISIN: IE00BMB3HX34)

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Introductory information
The PIMCO GIS Income Fund (the "Fund") is an actively managed portfolio that utilises a broad range of fixed income securities that seek to produce an attractive level of income while maintaining a relatively low risk profile, with a secondary goal of capital appreciation. The Fund taps into multiple areas of the global bond market, and employs PIMCO’s vast analytical capabilities and sector expertise to help temper the risks of high income investing.

The Fund is benchmarked against Bloomberg Barclays U.S Aggregate (SGD Hedged) Index, and is suitable for investors who are looking for a competitive and consistent level of income without compromising long term capital appreciation; are looking for a diversified exposure to global fixed income markets and are willing to accept the risks and volatility associated with investing in such markets, including emerging markets and non investment grade securities; and have an investment horizon over the medium to long term.

The Fund’s oldest share class was incepted on 30 November 2012, while the SGD Hedged Institutional Accumulation Shares were launched on 14 July 2020. As of September 2020, the Fund managed a total asset of USD 69bn.


The Fund will generally allocate its assets among several investment sectors, which may include (i) high yield (maximum 50%) and investment grade corporate bonds of issuers located in the EU and in non-EU countries, including emerging market countries (maximum 20%); (ii) global bonds and Fixed Income Securities issued by EU and non-EU governments, their agencies and instrumentalities; (iii) mortgage-related and other asset-backed securities which may or may not be leveraged; and (iv) foreign currency positions, including currencies of emerging market countries. The Fund’s exposure to convertible bonds is limited to 25% and to equity securities is limited to 10%. The Fund many use derivative instruments for hedging purposes and/or for investment purposes and/or for efficient portfolio management.

As of Aug 2020, the Fund has an effective duration of 2.22 Yrs and a current yield of 3.58%. Its top sector allocations, in terms of duration in years, include 1.61 years to securitised assets, 1.40 years to investment grade credit. 0.31 years to high yield credit, 0.59 years to emerging markets and -1.76 to government related securities (short positions). Its top industry sector allocations are: 18.47% in banks, 2.67% in electric utility, and other sectors including technology, financial, healthcare, and etc.


Background information and cost
The Fund has a unified all-in management fee of 55 bps per annum (0.55% p.a.). Endowus is able to provide its clients access to its institutional Share Class, which is a clean share class with no trailer fees. Endowus do not charge a preliminary sales charge or any other fees, other than the all-in advice fee.

PIMCO are one of the world’s premier fixed income investment managers. Since their founding in 1971 in California, they have continued to bring innovation and expertise to their partnership with clients seeking the best investment solutions. Today PIMCO’s professionals work in 17 offices across the globe, united by a single purpose: creating opportunities for investors in every environment.


Selection criteria for Endowus
Endowus have selected the PIMCO GIS Income Fund because of its strong management team and its superior long returns relative to its peers with modest volatility. In addition, the ability to access the Fund’s institutional share class makes it a more worthwhile choice for those looking for diversified exposure of global fixed income with a focus on income generation. The management team have leveraged PIMCO’s bountiful -- and growing -- human and analytical resources, including mortgage and real estate specialists, and newer staff focused on special credit situations, and the strategy has posted long-term returns among the category’s (Global Flexible Bond Morningstar category) best with modest volatility. As of August 2020, the Fund’s oldest share class has a since inception annualised return of 5.2% compared to an average of 3.15% annualised return by its peers over the same period. The Funds trailing 3 years volatility is 5.81% as of August 2020.

Updated by Endowus: 25 Sept 2020

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