What are the underlying funds for Endowus Cash Smart?

Cash Smart Core is composed of 2 funds:

50% Fullerton SGD Cash Fund - Class A (ISIN: SG9999005961)
Fund Type: Cash Fund
Fund Manager: Fullerton Fund Management Company Ltd (a subsidiary of Temasek & NTUC)
Description: The fund intends to hold its assets primarily in Singapore Dollar institutional fixed deposits with eligible financial institutions with varying terms of maturity of not more than 366 calendar days. The Managers may also place deposits of varying maturity tenures exceeding 366 calendar days but not more than 732 calendar days, subject to a maximum of 10 percent of the Fund’s Net Asset Value.
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50% Lion Global SGD Enhanced Liquidity Fund (ISIN: SG9999019301)
Fund Type: Money Market Fund
Fund Manager: Lion Global Investors Limited (a member of the OCBC Group)
Description: The fund aims to preserve capital, enhance income and provide a high level of liquidity by investing in a broadly diversified portfolio of high quality money market and debt instruments. The Fund’s approach to enhancing income while providing liquidity is to invest in a high quality portfolio of debt instruments diversified across varying issuers and tenures while maintaining a weighted average portfolio credit rating of A- and a weighted average duration of around 12 months. The instruments are held to maturity and yields are amortised.  
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Cash Smart Enhanced is composed of 2 funds:

50% Lion Global SGD Enhanced Liquidity Fund (ISIN: SG9999019301) - as above

50% United SGD Fund (ISIN: SG9999001382)
Fund Type: Short Duration Bond Fund
Fund Manager: UOB Asset Management Ltd (a subsidiary of UOB Group)
Description: The investment focus of the fund is to invest substantially all its assets in money market and short term interest-bearing debt instruments and bank deposits with the objective of achieving a yield enhancement over Singapore dollar deposits.
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