What is the Customer Knowledge Assessment (CKA) for Retail Investors?

Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) has introduced new requirements to assess the relevant investment knowledge and/or experience of Retail Investors who wish to transact in certain unit trusts (as they may be Unlisted Specified Investment Products (Unlisted SIPs)). These requirements are in place to protect the interests of investors. Endowus can only open accounts for Retail Investors who fulfil this criteria. 

You will be deemed to have satisfied CKA if you have any one of the following:

  1. Diploma or Higher qualification in related fields (e.g. Accountancy, Finance, Economics etc.)
  2. Finance-related professional qualifications (e.g. Chartered Financial Analyst, Certified Public Accountant etc.)
  3. Investment experience: Traded a total of at least 6 transactions in Unit Trusts / Mutual Funds over the preceding 3 years.
  4. Working experience: Minimum of 3 continuous years in the preceding 10 years of relevant working experience in Finance
  5. ABS-SAS e-Learning Module: Undergone and passed the ABS-SAS Unit Trusts and Investment-linked Insurance Products Module. You can assess the portal here.

How do I take the ABS-SAS e-Learning Portal for the Unit Trusts and Investment-linked Insurance Products Module?
Please click here to access the ABS-SAS e-Learning Portal, where you can select the Unit Trusts and Investment-linked Insurance Products Module. For new users, please register by completing the new user form and logging in using your email address.

Kindly note that you have to take only 1 of the 5 available modules: Unit Trusts and Investment-Linked Insurance Policy. There will be an assessment conducted at the end when you have completed the Module.  There is no restriction on the number of attempts required to pass the assessment. You will receive a Certificate upon completion of the module, which will be sent to your registered email address. You can upload the Certificate to your Endowus account then.