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Introducing Endowus Flagship Portfolios

Expertly curated by the Endowus investment office, the Flagship Portfolios are designed to give broad exposure to markets through strategic asset allocation, at the lowest possible cost.
Combining decades of time-tested Best-In-Class funds, and diversified across more than 12,000 securities, the Flagship portfolios boast renowned expert fund strategists, such as BlackRock and Amundi for index investing, Dimensional Fund Advisors for factor-based investing, and PIMCO for fixed income.
Last but not least, your Endowus portfolios are professionally managed and monitored, with an  auto-rebalance feature to ensure that they are always optimised to your goals and risk tolerance — at the lowest cost possible with Zero subscription fees and 100% Cashback on trailer commissions.
Endowus Flagship portfolios have proven track record to outperform MSCI global benchmark. They are designed to give investors broad exposure to global markets in a strategic and passive asset allocation.
The Endowus Flagship Portfolios combine decades of time-tested fund strategies across Best-In-Class funds. Working with renowned experts in their asset class expertise, such as BlackRock and Amundi for index investing, Dimensional for factor-based investing, and PIMCO for fixed income, to say the least — the portfolios are constructed with building blocks that are resilient through market cycles.
Last but not least, your Endowus portfolios are professionally managed and monitored, with an  auto-rebalance feature to ensure that they are always optimised to your goals.

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Unlock a slew of new features that will inspire you to invest more confidently. From our comprehensive fund list, making asset transfers and even converting currencies at attractive rates, and more.
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What does conflict-free investing mean?

Saying no to commissions and unfair fees

With zero subscription and transaction fees, Endowus and its employees are not incentivised to churn, push leverage or  high-commission products, ensuring a 100% alignment to your investment goals — always.

Having a trusted human advisor

Digital-first, but human where it matters. Our hybrid advisory model ensures that you have the support of our experts whenever you need, while still be able to manage your wealth — on-the-go.

Delivering expert investment strategies

With our seasoned Endowus Investment Office, we curate fund strategies with proven track records, standing on the shoulders of the industry’s giants — with systems and scale for a higher probability for success.

Why do our clients love us?

Highly reviewed and rated on both iOS and Android, Endowus has grown by 10X in its client base since its launch with over US$5 billion in assets under management in the region.
Dany Sok

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Very pleased with this service, great user interface and returns. The advisors are also very responsive and helpful. There are a few steps to complete every time you want to make/confirm an investment, so safe platform from this perspective
Hugo Chu

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Excellent platform. Gives me great confidence as a novice investor and it’s great to be able to speak to experienced advisors for allocation questions. A great combo of ease of self directed use and personalised advice!
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