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Model Portfolios

100% Stocks | 0% Bonds Very Aggressive Risk

This portfolio is for the most aggressive investors who are focused on achieving higher returns over the long-term, and are willing to withstand periods of significant volatility in performance.

80% Stocks | 20% Bonds Aggressive Risk

This portfolio is for aggressive investors who are focused on achieving higher returns over the long-term, and are willing to withstand periods of volatility in performance.

60% Stocks | 40% Bonds Balanced Risk

This portfolio is for investors who are focused on achieving higher returns from mainly capital growth, and are comfortable taking higher risk and volatility in performance.

40% Stocks | 60% Bonds Measured Risk

This portfolio is for investors who are focused on achieving higher returns from a combination of income and capital growth, and comfortable taking a measured level of risk with a balanced allocation.

20% Stocks | 80% Bonds Conservative Risk

This portfolio is for moderately conservative investors who are focused on capital preservation but recognize that small allocations to stocks can have the potential to improve the portfolio’s returns over the long-term.

0% Stocks | 100% Bonds Very Conservative Risk

This portfolio is for conservative investors who are focused on capital preservation and have low risk tolerance, and do not mind foregoing higher returns for low volatility in performance.

SGD, monthly data from Jan 2003 to


Timeframe All time YTD 1M 6M 1Y 3Y 5Y 10Y
Calendar year
Historical Performance Calculations and Presentation Methodology

Data and Performance returns shown are for illustrative purposes only. Though we have made an effort to closely match performance results shown to that of the Endowus portfolios over time, these results are entirely the product of a model, including the results from when we began operations to the present day. Actual individual investor performance has and will vary depending on the time of the initial investment, amount and frequency of contributions, intra-period allocation changes and taxes. Additionally, this tool illustrates past performance of the Endowus portfolio, but is not and cannot be indicative of future results.

The Endowus portfolios are comprised of unit trusts which are each similar to a number of common equity and bond indices. Model results and volatility of the Endowus portfolios over a given timeframe are likely to be similar to a comparable blend of these indices, but it is possible that the Endowus portfolios would have performed better or worse than the comparable blend of indices. These differences may be due to, but are not limited to, portfolio rebalancing, dividends reinvestments, fees and the impact of market conditions. Please also see our Terms and Conditions.

Returns and Performance

Endowus was founded in 2017, and our first investment of client funds was in 2018. In order to show performance of the portfolio prior to 2018, we use the returns history of the same unit trusts to exactly mimic how Endowus would have performed. For time periods prior to the existence of each unit trust, we use the returns of the best benchmark or proxy index for that unit trust available at that time. Proxy benchmark index choices are based on the correlation of the unit trust and the benchmark during the time they both existed. In some cases, multiple benchmarks are used depending on the best available at each point in time. While we believe this methodology results in a portfolio that was most similar to the Endowus portfolios prior to its existence, it is not, and cannot be, completely precise.

Monthly contributions are assumed to be made at the end of the month, and made in the same allocation as the user selection.

Data source

Endowus licenses the use of data from Intermediaries, including, in part, from Morningstar Direct, a third-party provider of stock market data. Where data is cited from Morningstar Direct, the following disclosures apply: ©2017 Morningstar, Inc. All rights reserved. The information provided by Morningstar Direct and contained herein: (1) is proprietary to Morningstar and/or its content providers; (2) may not be copied or distributed; and (3) is not warranted to be accurate, complete or timely. Neither Morningstar nor its content providers are responsible for any damages or losses arising from any use of this information.

Science over speculation.

Evidence-based investing means using time-tested, research-backed strategies to reach your goals. Underpinned by diversification and asset allocation to create your portfolios, we maximize returns while minimizing risk over the long-term. Backed by the research of Nobel Laureate academics, we advocate passive and systematic strategies that have broad market exposure with tilts towards the proven factors of returns such as value, size, and profitability.

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The expense ratio is the most proven predictor of future fund returns.

Morningstar Research

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Lower Fees. Higher Returns.

We can't control the markets, but we can help you reduce the amount you pay in fees. By having no sales fees or transaction fees and rebating 100% of any trailer fees we receive (most financial institutions will charge you these fees or keep them for themselves), we provide you access to the best investment opportunities at a fraction of the industry average.

Standing on the shoulders of financial giants.

We implement our portfolios by accessing leading global fund managers with the expertise, scale and real, proven track records in implementing their strategies successfully over time. We access their best-in-class funds at the lowest cost possible, so you grow your money like the best investors in the world.


We construct the best portfolios for your money.

We make the best portfolios possible for your needs. Different types of money have different products available to invest in with often differing goals. We conduct detailed analysis to make sure that we construct the most efficient portfolio possible with the available universe of funds for your money, at the lowest cost possible.

Our Investment Philosophy
8 Principles

Maximise returns by minimising cost

Removing the single biggest drag to portfolio performance over time

Enduring belief in power of markets

Taking broad market exposure through the wisdom of crowds to capture the best long-term performance

Time in markets vs market timing

Giving the long-term investor the highest chance of success in reaching their financial goals

Asset allocation is everything

Setting up an appropriate, intelligent asset allocation strategy is the most important driver of long-term returns

Strive for the efficient frontier

Generating the highest possible expected return for every level of risk taken

Diversification improves risk-return

Having broad exposure across diverse assets whose correlation characteristics reduce risk without sacrificing returns

Optimise based on personal risk tolerance

Customising personal portfolios is essential as there is no one size fits all in investing

Know your limitations

Partnering with experts and leading global institutions to access best in class financial solutions to achieve your goals


Does Endowus manage money?

Endowus is an MAS licensed financial adviser. We do not manage money directly, but rather, leverage the best fund managers in the world by accessing their time-tested strategies at the lowest cost possible. Endowus builds portfolios on these funds. Endowus does not change your target asset allocation without your consent, as a fund manager would do.

What is an evidence-based approach to investing?

Financial markets have historically rewarded long-term investors, and provided growth of wealth that has more than offset inflation. Over time, markets display efficient characteristics and investors are rewarded commensurately for the risks that they take. Taking an evidence-based approach to investing means analyzing empirical data and time-tested academic evidence, and applying it in a systematic manner rather than trying to speculate or outguess other market participants. The aim of evidence-based investing is to give you the highest probability of success in growing your wealth over the long-term.

We focus our efforts on building data-driven portfolios that are based on empirical evidence rather than cursory back-tested data. Academic research has identified certain drivers of returns, and we want to structure our portfolios to capture these driver within a broad market exposure. We believe in creating diversified investment portfolios which generate the highest possible expected return for every level of risk taken by an investor. For Endowus this means continuously searching the investment universe for products that will improve risk-return tradeoff in our portfolios. We understand that costs involved dramatically affect long-term returns, and endeavour to both implement efficient trading execution and continuously lower fees for our customers by leveraging our collective scale to create cost synergies.

What investments are offered by Endowus?

We offer globally diversified, low-cost portfolios built on best-in-class mutual funds (or unit trusts). We have chosen some of the most respected global fund management companies with aligned interests in serving you, and who also share our values and investment philosophy. We have carefully selected their best investment products that have exhibited solid long-term performance with consistent investment characteristics, and are offered at attractive institutional-level costs. These fund managers manage the underlying funds in your portfolio.

Invest in your future.

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