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Towards a better financial future.

Endowus is Singapore's only digital advisor where your employees can get expert advice to grow all their wealth - CPF, SRS & Cash. 

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PRogram purpose

Empower your employees to live better.

Benefit from curated, contextual financial wellness education for your employees, along with personalised advice and lower fees.

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Create the right program for your company

There’s no magic formula for ensuring your employees’ financial health.

Every individual’s situation is going to be different, requiring different solutions and levels of attention. Trying to cater to each employee’s concerns, however, can consume time and resources you don’t have to spare.

Work with Endowus to handle your office’s needs can give employees the custom attention they want—from an outside source to ensure their privacy—without becoming a drain on your internal resources.

Educate your team on financial and investing choices

Endowus is ready and prepped to help your employees understand and manage their investment choices.

Thirty-one percent of employees want specific advice regarding their money concerns. Just one of our webinars can pay large dividends in reduced employee stress down the line.

Sessions like this can provide an office wide opportunity for addressing some specific issues that can diffuse any embarrassment or shame employees may feel about having certain financial needs or issues. Removing the stigma around financial struggles can be a big boost for your office, allowing people to feel more comfortable being their true selves and more trusting of their work environment.

Helping your employees put financial health first

Financial stress is taking its toll on the workforce. By collaborating with your employees and delivering solutions that work for them, you can help your company avoid taking further losses caused by stress, which can help both their physical and mental health.

Of 2,000 working adults aged 21 to 65 surveyed*

34% do not invest.

33% think investing is a form of gambling.

48% have no passive income.

73% are not on track to meet their retirement plans.

*OCBC 2019
Benefit from lower fees

All employees of companies enrolled in the Endowus Corporate Benefits Program receive a sustained discount on Endowus fees.

Endowus transparently charges an Access Fee based on assets under advice (AUA), which includes ongoing advice, portfolio creation, unlimited transactions, and custodian fees.

Endowus has no sales fees, and 100% trailer fee rebates. Unlike other platforms, we do not collect kickbacks from fund managers.

We are only paid by you, the client we serve.

Access Fee per annum based on assets under advice (AUA) without corporate benefit fee reduction:


0.60%   S$200,000 and below
0.50%   S$200,001 to S$1,000,000
0.35%   S$1,000,001 to S$5,000,000
0.25%   S$5,000,001 and above


0.40%   Any amount

Cash management

0.05%   Any amount

Institutional cash-management services for your company

Endowus can also provide investment and cash management solutions for your company.

Rather than leaving cash in a corporate bank account, your team can invest in our Cash Smart portfolios for higher returns while maintaining a low risk. Or, we can customise a portfolio based on your company's needs.

We also have a ESG portfolios that may align with your company's sustainability goals, while growing your cash reserve responsibly.

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Taking care of your team.

Endowus has built its business around fairness, transparency, and creating a better wealth and investment experience for everyone.

By helping your employees prepare better for the future, they can live & perform better today.

Sam Rhee
Endowus Chief Investment Officer (CIO)
Former CEO & CIO of Morgan Stanley Investment Management in Asia

Invest with the best.

Assets are held in a segregated trust account in your own name at UOB Kay Hian, Singapore's largest broker. Endowus and UOB Kay Hian are both licensed entities by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

Join Singapore's top workplaces already benefiting from Endowus' superior access to best-in-class solutions.


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