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One simple all-in Access Fee

0.40%flat fee for any amount
Tiered. Not stacked
0.60%Up to S$200,000
0.50%S$200,001 to S$1,000,000
0.35%S$1,000,001 to S$5,000,000
0.25%S$5,000,001 and above
0.05%flat fee for any amount


  • Account creation
  • Holistic advice
  • Portfolio creation
  • Intelligent rebalancing
  • Brokerage

Our promise

  • 100% trailer fee rebates
  • No sales charges
  • No distribution commissions
  • No transaction fees
  • No hidden charges

Fees are important to your returns
- keep them low.

When you look at the math, a difference of just 1% in fees is equivalent to over

240% of lost returns after 30 years.

Endowus fees are 1/3 of the industry average.
So you keep much, much more of your returns.

The effect of fees, illustrated

Move the sliders to see the effect of costs on returns, and how your wealth can grow over time

An evil worth fighting: trailer fees

The industry is incentivised to work against us

Many financial advisers, brokers, private banks, and platforms are paid by product providers, such as asset managers, to sell you their products. For example, if you pay 2% in management fee for a fund, it is likely that over 50% of that fee is being given to the person or firm that sold you the product to begin with, in the form of a trailer fee. This is on top of a sales charge that they are entitled to. As a salesperson, you would be incentivised to sell products that have higher trailer fees and can command higher sales charges.

We think this is wrong

It creates misaligned incentives to sell higher cost products, and churn your positions in order to collect sales charges. Our preference is to never collect a trailer fee.

So we fixed the issue, rebating what we do not deserve

In the case that there is a trailer fee from an asset manager, we will rebate 100% to you. This means you keep more of the returns you deserve, and we remain independent to recommend the products that best suit you.

Want to
know more?

How are Endowus Access Fees calculated?

Endowus Access Fees are charged on a quarterly basis based on your daily average total assets under advice (AUA) for the period of the fee, depending on your portfolio type (CPF, SRS, Cash, Cash Smart).

How are Endowus Access Fees charged?

Cash investments:
If  you have an available cash balance in your UOB Kay Hian trust account, we will use it to pay for the Endowus Access Fee. Any remaining payable Access Fee after deducting from your cash balance will be redeemed from your investment holdings, so that your Access Fee can be paid seamlessly.


SRS/CPF investments:
Endowus Access Fee will be deducted directly by redeeming from your investment holdings, so that your Access Fee can be paid seamlessly.

What are Fund-Level Fees charged by the Fund Managers?

Fund-Level Fee, or the Total Expense Ratio (TER)

This is charged by the fund manager (i.e. Dimensional, PIMCO, etc.) for their services in managing and investing the funds your purchase. This Fee is embedded into the Fund’s daily Net Asset Value (NAV) or price.

For example, if a Fund’s NAV (price) is $20, this has already taken into account the Fund-Level Fee, or ongoing costs of operating the Fund. Performance figures of the Funds are already net of the Fund-Level Fees. 

The Fund-Level Fee (TER) may include investment management fees, trustee fees, and audit fees. We refer to the Fund-Level Fee that is all-inclusive total fees charged, rather than the Management Fee which is only a part of the TER, and often quoted by other platforms.

100% trailer fee rebates with Endowus

If there are trailer fees paid by the fund managers to Endowus, we will rebate 100% of the trailer fees to you as and when we receive it. For cash investments, we will transfer the trailer fee directly to your UOB Kay Hian trust account. For CPF or SRS investments, we will transfer the trailer fee directly to your CPF Investment Account or SRS account with your Agent Bank.

How does Endowus keep Fund-Level Fees low?

At Endowus we strive to bring this fee down as low as possible by working with fund managers by accessing their lower fee share-classes (institutional share-class) and introducing an industry-first practice of rebating 100% of trailer fees to lower the net fees for our clients.

Net Fund-Level Fees (Fund-Level Fees minus 100% trailer fee rebates) are significantly lower than the industry average:

- CPF portfolios range from 0.47% to 0.64% per annum, versus the CPF-IS average of 1.60%

- Cash and SRS portfolios range from 0.40% to 0.50% per annum, versus the Singapore industry average of approximately 1.75% (Read more about Singapore’s high expense ratios in The Business Times)

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