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Terms & Conditions for Endowus “Double 11 Promotion”

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This promotion is organised by Endowus HK Limited (“Endowus”). It should not and does not constitute an offer, solicitation, invitation, recommendation for buying or selling of investment products or as basis on making any investment decision, or constitute as professional advice. Participants should, before making any investment decision, understand the risks and the relevant laws, tax and accounting principles and consequences, and whether such persons can bear such relevant risks, and if necessary, should seek professional advice.

Who is eligible? 

The promotion is only valid for new users who sign up using this promotional link. Endowus shall retain absolute discretion to decide on the eligibility for participation in the promotion. 

Promotion Period” begins from 00:00 on 06 November 2023 and ends at 23:59 on 14 November 2023, unless Endowus exercises its rights under paragraph 6 below.

What do I need to do to participate in the promotion?

You must place your first investment order of at least HKD$10,000 using your personal Endowus account (created via the promotional link above) during the Promotion Period (“Qualifying Investment”). 

What do I get from the promotion?

Upon fulfilling the above qualifying criteria, you will receive HKD$500 Endowus Fee credits. Endowus Fee credits which will be used to waive Endowus fees applicable to your Endowus account. For the avoidance of doubt, this does not affect your fund-level fees charged by the fund manager.

What else do I need to know?

1. Endowus accepts no responsibility for accounts not successfully completed due to a technical fault, technical malfunction, computer hardware or software failure, satellite, network or server failure of any kind.

2. Please note that the ability to make an investment on the platform will be contingent upon a participant successfully opening an account with Endowus. Endowus reserves the right to decline new client accounts that do not meet our know-your-customer (KYC) and funding requirements.

3. Endowus reserves the right to not allow participation by any person, at its discretion. In addition, Endowus reserves the right to disqualify any participant that is suspected of any fraudulent activity such as, but not limited to, creation of fake accounts.

4. The decision of Endowus regarding any aspect of the promotion is final and binding.

5. Participants are deemed to have accepted and agreed to these terms and conditions by signing-up. Endowus reserves the right to refuse entry, or refuse to award anyone in breach of these terms and conditions.

6. Endowus reserves the right to hold, void, cancel, suspend, or amend the promotion or these terms and conditions (in whole or in part) at any time without prior notification to participants. Whilst we will always use our best endeavours to honour our promotions. events beyond our control may occur that would render the award of the promotion impossible. Accordingly, Endowus will not be liable for any loss, whether directly or indirectly suffered, as a result of an event outside of its control.

7. By entering the promotion, participants agree and acknowledge that all personal data submitted may be collected, processed, stored, disclosed or otherwise used by Endowus and its affiliates for the purposes of conducting and administering the promotion.

8. To the extent permitted by law, these Terms shall be exclusively governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Hong Kong. Any disputes arising out of or in connection with these terms shall exclusively be submitted to and dealt with by the competent court in Hong Kong.


此推廣計劃由 Endowus HK Limited(“Endowus”)舉辦。 它不應也不構成買賣投資產品的要約、招攬、邀請、推薦或作為作出任何投資決定的依據,或構成專業建議。 參與者在作出任何投資決定前,應了解風險及相關法律、稅務和會計原則及後果,以及該等人士是否能夠承擔該等相關風險,如有需要,應尋求專業意見。







凡參與者完成並符合所有上述合資格條件,將獲得一次性價值500港元的“Endowus投顧費”積分,以抵消Endowus投顧費。 積分並不適用於個別基金公司於其相應的基金層面收取的費用。


1. Endowus對因技術出錯、技術故障、電腦軟件或硬件故障、衛星、網路或伺服器故障而導致的賬戶未成功開立不承擔任何責任。

2. 請注意,能否在平台上進行投資取決於參與者能否成功在 Endowus 開設賬戶。Endowus 保留拒絕未能滿足我們"了解您的客戶" (KYC) 和資金要求的新客戶開立賬戶的權利。

3. Endowus保留不允許任何人參與的權利。此外,Endowus保留取消任何涉嫌任何欺詐活動參與者資格的權利,例如但不限於創建虛假賬戶。

4. Endowus對推廣活動有最終決定權並及約束力。

5. 參與者通過註冊被視為已接受並同意這些條款和細則。Endowus保留拒絕任何違反這些條款和細則的人士參與或對其提供獎勵的權利。

6. Endowus 保留暫停、作廢、取消、中止或修改推廣或有關條款和細則(全部或部分)的權利,恕不另行通知。 雖然我們將盡最大努力兌現我們的推廣活動,但可能出現我們無法控制的事件導致推廣活動無法進行。就此,Endowus 不會對因其無法控制的事件而直接或間接構成的任何損失負責。

7. 在參與是次推廣活動時,參與者同意及知悉其提交的個人資料可能會被 Endowus 及其附屬公司收集、處理、存儲、披露或以其他方式用於開展和管理是次推廣活動。

8. 在法律允許的範圍內,本條款僅受香港法律管轄並按香港法律解釋。由這些條款引起或與之相關的任何爭議應僅提交香港有管轄權的法院並由其處理。

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