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Endowus partners award-winning hedge fund, Quantedge to further expand its alternative investment offerings for accredited investors

July 12, 2022

Endowus, Asia’s leading digital wealth platform has entered into a new partnership with Quantedge, a Singapore-based and globally renowned quantitative hedge fund with over US$3 billion in assets under management as of May 2022. Founded in Singapore in 2006, Quantedge has garnered numerous international awards and accolades including Top 5 Large Hedge Funds by Bloomberg, Best Asian Billion Dollar Hedge Fund by EurekaHedge, Best 100 Hedge Funds by Barron’s and more. Both Endowus and Quantedge hold the Capital Markets Services License and are regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

With Endowus’ continued efforts in expanding its offerings in the alternative investment space, Endowus Private Wealth clients can now gain direct access to Quantedge’s flagship global quantitative fund. The highly-diversified fund is invested across more than 200 markets globally and multiple asset classes such as bonds, equities, commodities, currencies and insurance-linked securities. The fund dynamically allocates capital based on Quantedge’s proprietary statistical models to achieve a constant level of portfolio risk.

Accredited investors can now access sophisticated investment strategies at an institutional low cost and a minimum investment of US$100,000, without having to pay any subscription or redemption fees. With this partnership, Endowus significantly lowers the barriers to entry for exposure to a top-performing hedge fund.

Gregory Van, CEO of Endowus said, “As both firms are founded in Singapore, we feel a strong affinity in wanting to give the best possible opportunities to Singapore-based investors to reach their long-term wealth goals. Quantedge’s track record predates the global financial crisis, and has been a top performer in its class for over a decade, employing a quantitative, disciplined and diversified investment approach. This strategy requires investors to stomach comparatively higher volatility and risk to target higher expected returns, and is definitely not for everyone. That being said, at Endowus, we believe those seeking such exposure deserve access and low, transparent and fair fees to have the best chances of long-term success.”  

Download the full appendix here.