Understand how the Endowus referral program works
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Understand how the Endowus referral program works

12 Mar
4 Jan

At Endowus, we are fully committed to helping all of us build resilient investment portfolios to achieve various life goals with top-tier investment products at low and fair cost. 

But our journey to financial success is not meant to be embarked upon alone. That's why we have launched the Endowus Referral Program, for you to refer your family and friends to embark on the conflict-free wealth management journey together, and be able to enjoy referral rewards on the Endowus platform.

How does it work?

Share your unique referral link to help your loved ones get a head start on their investment journey — while you reap rewards on each referral. You and your referee can each earn a HKD 300 reward when they sign up with your referral link. 

What’s best about this program? There are no limits to the number of referrals, you can refer as many friends as you like!

Navigate your rewards seamlessly

You can access the rewards tab via the Endowus dashboard to help you navigate through your rewards with ease.

Track your rewards with ease

Tracking the status of a referral can be tedious, which is why we have enhanced our “My Rewards'' section to provide you with an overview and status of each referee’s onboarding journey. This will let you know when your referee has completed the investment requirements that entitle both of you to the Endowus Fee reward. You can also keep track of which rewards have been applied, so your fees remain fully transparent, as always.

Simple and intuitive to share

To start referring, simply share your unique referral link in your dashboard. Login to find your unique referral link here


  1. What constitutes a successful referral?
    A referral is considered successful when the referee creates a new account and invests a minimum of HKD 10,000 (or USD 1,300).
  2. How will you and your loved one receive the HKD 300 reward*?
    Both you and your loved one will each receive HKD 300 Endowus Fee credit into your respective Endowus accounts, which will be automatically issued once a successful referral has been made. No action is required from you!
  3. Is there a limit to how many people I can refer?
    There is no limit! You can refer as many friends as you like and accumulate unlimited fee credits for yourself. It’s a great way to reduce your fees, so you get to keep more of your returns.
  4. Does my referral reward have an expiry date?
    Great news, your referral fee credit reward will not expire.
  5. I forgot to input a referral or promotion code when I opened my Endowus account, what do I do?
    You may tag a referral code to your Endowus account by heading over to the Rewards tab and clicking on Add a promo code to redeem it back.

Sharing is caring -  Spread joy and love with Endowus Referrals today and most importantly, happy investing!

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