Introducing the Global Technology model portfolio: ride the wave of tech innovation
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Introducing the Global Technology model portfolio: ride the wave of tech innovation

14 Jul
5 May
  • The Endowus Global Technology model portfolio aims to provide access to the most innovative technology and technology-related companies around the world, across various market capitalisations and sectors.
  • Investors can use these ready-made, pre-populated templates as a starting point for their portfolios. They can take the template as it is, or make changes to suit their preferences and needs.
  • To get started with Endowus HK, click here. For an overview of all the funds available on the Endowus Fund Smart platform, refer to our investment funds list

What is the Global Technology model portfolio on Endowus?

Selecting the right investment products to build a diversified portfolio can be time-consuming. That’s why we are excited to introduce the Endowus Global Technology model portfolio, to assist you to grow your wealth and reach your goals effortlessly with Best-In-Class strategies at low and fair fees.

The Global Technology model portfolio is built from multiple unit trusts, also known as mutual funds, that are curated by the Endowus Investment Office. An investor can use this pre-populated template as a starting point for their portfolios; they can take this template as it is or make changes to suit their preferences and needs.

The portfolio aims to give access to the most innovative technology and technology-related companies around the world, across various market capitalisations and sectors. It is allocated across five different funds managed by experienced technology investment teams from renowned asset managers, namely Allianz, BlackRock, Fidelity, and Franklin Templeton. Each of the funds has a distinct philosophy in the way it tackles technology investing. The resulting portfolio is cost-optimised and well-diversified to tap into various sources of returns. 

Underlying funds of the Endowus Global Technology model portfolio, and their USD ISINs, allocation, total expense ratios (TER), and Endowus trailer fee rebate. The funds include Fidelity Global Tech Fund, BlackRock BGF World Tech Fund, Franklin Tech Fund, Allianz Global Artificial Intelligence Fund, and BlackRock BGF Next Generation Tech Fund

The portfolio invests primarily in traditional technology sectors such as information technology and communications services, with allocations in non-technology sectors such as financials, consumer discretionary, and industrials, where innovative companies are increasingly adopting technology to their advantage.

Geographically, the portfolio has most of its holdings in the US — which represents a large opportunity set in technology investing — but is also invested in other leading innovators and rising stars in geographies such as Asia and Europe.

Why invest in the Endowus Global Technology model portfolio

The Global Technology model portfolio can be an attractive investment option for the following reasons:

  • To capture the growth of technology-related companies
  • Access to a diverse portfolio with attractive historical performance
  • Designed to be suitable for core-satellite investment approach

1. Capture the growth of technology-related companies

Excess exuberance around technology investing has come a notch down amid challenging market conditions — the appetite for growth-based investing such as technology has diminished, and investors have fled to park their monies in safer assets. Since the MSCI ACWI/IT Index’s peak in the 2021 post-pandemic bull market, it has come down -17.9% as of 31 March 2023, and -31.7% in 2022 alone. 

Regardless, as more investors start to position themselves for the end of the rate hike cycle, the sector has rebounded in 2023. Additionally, with valuations looking attractive after a year of sell-offs, the current timing may prove to be a good entry point for investors seeking to make a long-term investment.

Chart: Tech stock valuations have largely come down from the post-pandemic bull market. Based on the price to earnings ratio of the MSCI ACWI/IT Index and MSCI ACWI from June 1996 to March 2023

Like most asset classes, the technology market has historically rewarded long-term investors. While the sector has had a fair share of crises and volatility over the years, a $100 initial investment put into the MSCI ACWI/IT Index in January 2007 (just prior to the Global Financial Crisis) would have become $522 at the end of March 2023. In other words, an investor who held on to their investment through the volatility of the technology sector over the years would have made 10.7% in annualised returns in the period.

Chart: Technology sector has rewarded long-term investors. Growth of $100 in the MSCI ACWI/IT Index, across the Global Financial Crisis, US-China trade war, and interest rate hikes.

From a more fundamental viewpoint, technology investing offers ample investment opportunities and alpha awaits for those who can successfully identify them. 

In dissecting the information technology sector, investors will notice that the industry consists of other smaller sub-sectors that each feature unique characteristics and behaviours across the market cycles. The large and diverse pool of potential investments allows fund managers to pick the best ideas leveraging their domain knowledge, relationship with industry players, and investment expertise.

Chart: Diverse sub-sectors within technology. Growth of $100 in selected tech-related MSCI ACWI index sub-sectors from 1 January 2007 to 31 March 2023.

Additionally, the rapid advancement of technology has meant the blurring of boundaries when it comes to technology – today, the application of technology is ubiquitous across all businesses. Given this, there are compelling cases to not only invest in the future of direct technology products and service manufacturers, but also to invest in innovative, non-technology companies that adopt technology creatively to increase their competitive advantage. 

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) illustrated below is one of such examples, and the opportunity set continues to expand with the emergence of new technologies.

Diagram: Artificial intelligence (AI) can impact a broad set of non-tech industries, including advertising, automotives, aerospace, energy, real estate, healthcare, and construction. AI infrastructure and AI application industries include big data, cloud, IoT, robotics, deep learning, and machine vision.

Given all of the reasons combined, we think that technology will remain a key investing pillar in the global equity market.

2. Diverse portfolio with attractive historical performance

As briefly mentioned above, the Global Technology model portfolio is well-diversified across various sectors and geographies. This is by deliberate design in an attempt to smoothen out volatility in the long term, while making sure that the portfolio is still invested in the best ideas of technology investing. 

Taking a closer look at the portfolio, investors will find that it also invests into a healthy set of sub-sectors and market capitalisations to take advantage of the diversification benefit. This is why we believe the model portfolio offers a simple way to gain exposure into the various pockets of technology investing.

Pie charts: Sub-sectors and market caps of the Endowus Global Technology model portfolio. Key sub-sectors of the portfolio include software and tech services, tech hardware, media, and consumer discretionary. Large-cap stocks make up about 92% of the model portfolio.

Additionally, tapping into the expertise of different managers also helps to identify the best ideas in technology through various ways. We have worked with fund managers who individually specialise in these various approaches to technology investing — be it large-cap, small-cap or private, US-centric or more global, or even technology with a tilt towards artificial intelligence.

In all, the portfolio has exhibited attractive historical performance*, as we will discuss below.

(*Past performance is not an indicator nor a guarantee of future performance or returns.)

3. Suitable for a core-satellite investment approach

The portfolio was designed and constructed carefully by the Endowus Investment Office, from the initial conceptualisation to analysing and selecting the underlying funds and putting them together in a portfolio.

The Endowus Global Technology model portfolio is recommended to be used as a satellite allocation to complement your core allocation. 

Technology companies represent a significant portion of global equity markets today, and chances are, you may already be invested in popular technology stocks through your core investment already.

Pie charts: tech is well represented in core investments. The charts show that IT makes up about 22% to 26% of major indices such as MSCI ACWI, MSCI World, and the S&P 500 index.

The model portfolio is a good option for investors who would like to increase their allocation to technology-themed companies, but done in a way so that it does not meaningfully overlap with their existing technology investments on their core portfolio. This core-satellite setup is therefore designed to provide a more holistic exposure to technology for investors’ overall investment.

How has the Global Technology model portfolio performed?

The Endowus Global Technology model portfolio has demonstrated comparable performance to the MSCI ACWI/Information Technology Index, which is the closest benchmark to the portfolio in terms of investable universe – that is, global technology equities. 

In general, the portfolio has displayed “high risk, high return” characteristics, showcasing strong upsides during favourable markets, but also suffering steep downsides where there are headwinds. This is largely attributable to the portfolio having:

  • An overweight to smaller and relatively less mainstream technology names; i.e. underweight to the “FAANGS”;
  • A smaller allocation to  US and with more focus on global names, such those headquartered  in Europe and Asia; and
  • An overall exposure to growth-oriented companies, through a focus in the technology sector and related stocks.

Performance of the Endowus Global Technology model portfolio and tech sector indices

Table: Annualised return, annualised volatility, and 12-month rolling returns (best and worst) of the model portfolio and benchmark indices such as the MSCI ACWI/IT Index

As discussed, the portfolio displayed relatively weaker performance in the 1 year period ending March 31, 2023 due to its overweight in small cap and non-US technology names.The performance in this 1-year period has also dampened the annualised returns in the past 3, 5, and 7 years, although in the longer term, it can be seen that it has outperformed regional technology indices, which once again highlights the benefits of diversification. The 12-month rolling best returns exceed the indices’, highlighting the bull run that the portfolio enjoyed in the post-pandemic exuberance.

What are the risks?

All in all, investors are reminded that the model portfolio, due to its inherent focus on the growth-oriented technology market, and its concentrated, active stock selection approach, may be more volatile compared to investing in the index or broader market.

Table: Some examples (non-exhaustive) of risk due to investing in technology and tech-related companies, and in a concentrated, actively selected portfolio. Source: Endowus
Source: Endowus Research

Given these characteristics, it is highly recommended that the portfolio be used as a satellite exposure to supplement a broadly diversified core investment portfolio. We rate the portfolio as Product Risk Rating 6 (riskiest).

How we built the Global Technology model portfolio

The Endowus Investment Office is a team of investment experts with more than 150 years of experience combined, across public and private market investing, family offices, and wealth management. The team screens the universe of unit trusts, also known as mutual funds, and curates a final list by implementing a strict, institutional-grade screening process that is rigorous, thorough, and continuous. 

The process, known as SMART+, vets funds across categories to bring you only those that are Best-In-Class, and the team monitors the funds regularly in terms of performance.

The model portfolio was then created using the five Best-In-Class Funds for tech. For weightings, these factors were considered:

  • Whether the fund adopts a more resilient, “anchor” approach in tech investing, reduces short-term volatility and provides downside protection during risk-off environments;
  • Whether the fund focuses on more emergent areas of tech investing, such as small/mid cap or developing tech concepts such as AI; and
  • Whether the fund is concentrated or has a more diversified basket.

The Global Technology model portfolio is distinctive because it is independently constructed by Endowus, with the Investment Office employing a robust and holistic investment process.

How to create your own Global Technology model portfolio on Endowus

Here are a few simple steps to create the Endowus Global Technology model portfolio via Fund Smart.

Step 1: Login to your Endowus account. In the My Goals section on the sidebar, click on “+” to add a goal.

Select your investment horizon and objective for this goal, and click on “Browse funds''. Don’t have an account with Endowus Hong Kong? Get started here.

Step 2: Select a model portfolio you’re interested in, by clicking “Preview”.

You will see a list of model portfolios that are recommended for you, depending on your investment horizon, investment objective, and risk profile. (This means you might not see all of the available model portfolios if your risk profile is lower.)

Step 3: Check through the portfolio details. Click on “Continue with portfolio” if you wish to proceed.

Here, you will see details of the model portfolio such as the description, risk analysis, fees, performance, and allocations of its underlying funds. After you click on “Continue with portfolio”, you can still add funds, remove funds, and modify allocations if you want to.

Step 4: Allocate your funds in this portfolio, and review an analysis of it. Click on “Continue” to proceed.

You can either invest in the model portfolio as it is, or modify the allocations, add funds, and remove funds to suit your preferences and needs. 

Step 5: Set up your investment. Input the sum you want to invest, and decide whether this will be a one-time or recurring monthly investment. Click on either “Continue to review” or “Save goal and invest later” to proceed. 

On this page, you will see the projected outcomes, historical performance, selection criteria, underlying holdings, and warning statements. Make sure to review the warning statements carefully. You can still modify or stop any recurring monthly investments later. 

Remember that return is proportionate to risk. You should consider your risk tolerance — for example, how much money can you tolerate losing in a certain time period, in a worst-case scenario? The portfolio should then suit your risk appetite, as well as your investment timeline and financial goals.

Should you invest in the Global Technology model portfolio or in single funds?

The Endowus Investment Office has designed the asset allocation, selected the funds, and optimised the fund allocation for the Global Technology model portfolio. The portfolio is diversified and optimised for each level of risk.

Investors can also buy single funds on the Fund Smart platform as a way to complement your existing core investments. If you want to get additional exposure to certain asset classes, geographies, sectors, themes or factors, you can select the additional funds via Fund Smart.

Whether you’re thinking of investing in a model portfolio or in single funds, you should consider your own risk tolerance level and financial circumstances.

At Endowus, wealth management for everyone

The Endowus Global Technology model portfolio offers investors a convenient and effective way to build a diversified technology-theme portfolio that can potentially help to increase returns in the long term.

With digital wealth platform Endowus, investing is now made low-cost and accessible for every season in life, investing goal, and risk appetite. Make time your biggest asset and begin your investing journey with Endowus today. Start investing towards your goals from just HK$10,000.

At a low, fair, and transparent fee, both retail and professional investors can access Best-In-Class Funds and stand on the shoulders of financial giants. And with our industry-first 100% Cashback on trailer fees, save up to 50% or more on your investment fees.

Get more details about the Global Technology model portfolio here. Read about the other Endowus model portfolios in this article.

For an overview of all the funds available on the Endowus Fund Smart platform, refer to our investment funds list. Follow this link to get started with Endowus HK.

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