Video: Endowus Q3 2023 Market Insights
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Video: Endowus Q3 2023 Market Insights

14 Dec
26 Nov

About the session

The third quarter of 2023 closed with both global equity and fixed income markets in negative territory, amidst growing uneasiness over the Fed’s hawkish tone. While yields for cash and money market instruments have surged.

So what’s next for investors for the rest of 2023? In this quarterly update, join Sean Wong, Head of Investments, and Yuhan Tan, Investment Lead, as they discuss:

  1. How equities and fixed income markets moved during the quarter
  2. Key macro events and news to look out for in the months ahead

For our full Q3 2023 market update and outlook, refer to this article.

Watch the video


00:00 – Introduction

00:53 – How the equity and fixed-income markets performed in Q3 2023

02:40 – What investors can watch out for in Q4 of 2023

03:41 – Can fixed income be fixed?

Click here for our full Q3 2023 market update and outlook. You can also read more on how all the Endowus advised portfolios — including Global, Passive Income, CashUp, and Satellite model portfolios — performed in the third quarter and year-to-date period, click .

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About the speakers

Sean Wong, Head of Investments, Endowus

Sean Wong is the Head of Investments of Endowus, a leading digital wealth platform in Asia.

Sean oversees Endowus’ advisory and investment solutions, and leads the investment office in optimising portfolio strategies and fund selection to drive growth. Sean also focuses on developing strategic relationships with fund management companies, broadening the range of investment solutions and market innovations in the sector.

Prior to his current role, Sean was an Executive Director in the Investment Management Services team at Morgan Stanley Private Wealth Management Asia, serving as their Head of Offerings. In this role, Sean was responsible for the identification, selection, due diligence, as well as sales and distribution of all fee-based products and discretionary portfolio offerings to the firms’ Wealth Management clients.

Sean graduated from Northwestern University with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Business.

Yuhan Tan, Investment Lead, Endowus

Yuhan is responsible for the sourcing and screening of alternative strategies, along with other functions of the Endowus Investment Office.

Yuhan was previously at Mercer and Cambridge Associates, two investment consulting firms that provide investment portfolio management and advisory services to institutional investors. Yuhan was also with Hawksburn Capital, a multi-family office that provides investment advisory services to high net worth individuals.

Yuhan graduated from Singapore Management University with a Bachelor of Science in Economics.


Risk Warnings

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