One takeaway from the Endowus Investment Summit 2024
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One takeaway from the Endowus Investment Summit 2024

9 May
18 Apr

The inaugural Endowus Investment Summit 2024 introduced the “One Takeaway Challenge.” Different from the usual panel discussions, Endowus invited five distinguished experts on stage to share their most crucial stance for 2024. They only had one minute each, followed by a live poll of the audience to decide which was the most memorable. 

Voted by the audience, the winner of the most memorable takeaway went to PIMCO, represented by Naveen Gulati, Head of Global Wealth Management Business. The runner-up was Partners Group, and the speaker was Henry Chui, the Swiss private markets specialist’s Head of APAC Private Wealth.

Other speakers included:

  • William Vettorato, Managing Director, EQT
  • Kylie Chan, Head of Wholesale & Retail Sales, Hong Kong, Natixis Investment Managers
  • Kristy Wong, Senior Vice President, Intermediary Distribution, Greater China, Pinebridge

Winner–PIMCO: Cutting Cycles Scenarios

One takeaway from Naveen Gulati, Head of Global Wealth Management business for PIMCO in Hong Kong, is why you should now move the cash from the sidelines into high-quality bonds.

Gulati listed three reasons for this:

“In 2022 to mid-2023, we were in a macro environment where inflation was trending up. That triggered the Fed to aggressively increase rates, resulting in cash outperforming bonds. But today, we are in an environment where inflation is trending down. Over time, this will allow the Fed to lower rates, and we expect bonds to outperform cash as a result.

“Second, bond yields are at levels not seen in a while,” he said. “The current yield on our high-quality bond portfolio is at 7%, and there is a 94% correlation between the starting yield an investor buys in at and the five-year average forward returns.

“Finally, cash has to be reinvested every time your fixed deposit comes to maturity. This means that as the Fed lowers rates, your reinvestment rate on cash will drop from today’s levels," he said.

Source: PIMCO

With cash rates reaching higher levels, and money-market funds yielding 4-5%, many investors are questioning the need to assume additional credit risk. Reinvestment risk is often overlooked in this context. 

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Runner-up–Partners Group: Benefits of Evergreen Investment Structures

One takeaway from Henry Chui, Head of APAC Private Wealth, Partners Group is how investors can benefit from evergreen funds. 

Even though private markets are gaining traction globally and regionally, there has been a fundamental flaw: It takes investors a long time to invest the money and even longer to take the money back, with the prevailing closed-end fund structure. 

To solve this issue, Chui points to evergreen investment structures. “An evergreen fund solves all these issues. No J-curve, investors’ money is fully invested on day one, and you are diversified across regions, sectors, and vintages. Investors essentially have companies that are at the beginning, middle, and end of the value creation cycle.

“Investors also have regular liquidity involved, either monthly or quarterly. What that means is, that because investors’ money are invested fully invested on day one, a 10% total return is actually equal to a 22% internal rate of return (“IRR”). 

“The takeaway is: Do not confuse IRRs with total returns," Chui said

Source: Partners Group

Evergreen funds are investment vehicles with no fixed end date. For individual investors, and family offices alike, this structure offers advantages like the ability of asset allocation rebalancing, immediate exposure to asset classes, flexible investment and redemption options, and diversified exposure.

These factors, along with the ability to stay invested long-term and benefit from compounding, make evergreen funds an enduring investment option in private markets.

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The inaugural Endowus Investment Summit, held on 17 April at Asia Society Hong Kong Center, hosted close to 500 clients, investors, and industry professionals. Enjoying the digest? Watch the full recap video of the discussion:

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Building a long-term resilient portfolio 

It is almost impossible to predict exactly how macro events would play out. As Howard Lee, the Deputy Chief Executive of Hong Kong Monetary Authority, emphasised in the Fireside Chat on Endowus Investment Summit, the most crucial aspect for investors is to maintain discipline in asset allocation, diversifying your investments across asset classes and geographies. 

With market volatility comes opportunities. If you have a long-term investing horizon, as many of us do, these developments may offer an opportunity through steady, regular investing in diversified and risk-adjusted portfolios.

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