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Endowus is a Singapore-based investment platform that enables people to invest their CPF, SRS, and cash savings better, at the lowest cost possible.

When you create your account from this page, you will get $20 in Access Fee credit (equivalent to $10,000 advised free, assuming Access Fee of 0.40%).
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Financial Advisers license no. 100066-1
issued by Monetary Authority of Singapore

All your transactions are securely handled by our partner
broker UOB KaiHian

We only serve you.

Solely owned and operated by us, we are only paid by our clients, so the best products for your needs are chosen for your financial portfolio.

Sam Rhee
Endowus Chief Investment Officer (CIO)
Former CEO & CIO of Morgan Stanley Investment Management in Asia

See your future grow

Move the sliders to see what your projected returns could be,
and how your investment can grow over time.

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This illustrative chart shows the impact of compounding. Actual returns will be different.

The chart shows Endowus fees versus typical industry fees assuming an equal 7.5% annualised return of underlying investment before any fees, and the return of interest of 2.5% p.a., equivalent to the CPF Ordinary Account interest rate legislated by the government.

Endowus fees comprised of Endowus Access Fee (of 0.25% to 0.60% p.a. depending on client AUA) and 0.52% fund-level fee (equivalent to that of the Endowus 60 | 40 balanced cash portfolio). Industry fee comprised of typical retail fees of 2% sales charge, 0.50% wrap/platform fee p.a., and 1.75% fund-level fee.

Fair fees, forever.

No hidden fees, no sales charges and 100% trailer fee rebates. Endowus has one all in, transparent access Fee, which includes advice, investment, rebalancing, transfers, and brokerage, at a fraction of the industry average.

Keep more of your returns. We work with asset managers to access their lowest fees possible and rebate 100% of any sales commissions and trailer fees to you. You'll never need to worry about the cost of investing again.

  • No sales charges.
  • No transaction fees.
  • No trailer fees.
  • No hidden charges.

We invest your money
like it's ours.

Access proven strategies implemented by leading global fund managers at the lowest cost possible, we build you personalised investment solutions that leverage the greatest academics and practitioners of the investment industry. In a nutshell - we make better investing easy by building a solution you can trust.


Advice when you want it.

Holistic, scientific and simple. Just tell us your needs and goals for the future, and we'll help you figure out what you need to realise your dreams. Designing your future has never been easier with Endowus.

How do we properly advise you, with your unique life story and ambitions?
Endowus Endowus

Convenient. Secure. Trusted.

Through our partnerships with UOB and UOB Kay Hian, you can set up your Endowus account and CPF investment account completely online in under 10 minutes.

When you create an Endowus account, we will create a trust account in your own name at UOB Kay Hian, Singapore's largest broker. This trust account will handle your assets and process the transactions you make on the Endowus platform.

In proud partnership with
UOB Kay Hian
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When you create your account from this page,
you will get $20 in Access Fee credit
(equivalent to $10,000 advised free, assuming Access Fee of 0.40%)
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