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Endowus wants to make investing as accessible as “cai fan” with its newest brand ambassador

Nov 2022

Benjamin Kheng joins Endowus to co-create more relatable, digestible content that reiterates the importance of optimising one’s finances with trustworthy sources

Dear Future-You — Chapter One of Three by Benjamin Kheng and Endowus

Endowus, Asia’s leading digital wealth platform, has teamed up with popular singer and creator Benjamin Kheng as its newest brand ambassador. Together, they will co-create relatable content that is clear, easily understandable, and resonates deeply with a local audience. 

Under this newly minted partnership, Endowus is working with Benjamin’s new video production agency, Charle King, who will lead the concept and creation of a series of videos demystifying investment concepts by likening them to everyday life experiences, such as learning to ride a bike, or planning for a first date. 

Many are familiar with the self-employed artiste’s work with homegrown pop band The Sam Willows, his online comedy sketches, or the viral tongue-in-cheek ballad The Caifan Song. Impressive resume aside, Endowus chose Benjamin out of many other prominent creators for his humanity and ability to speak authentically to the struggles of an unstable income – an increasing reality for many Singaporeans in today’s workplace, particularly for freelancers. Reflecting on the importance of timely and strategic investing to combat this, he sought to become more financially literate and turned to Endowus as a trustworthy wealth platform to take stock of his financial future.

Endowus and Benjamin collectively hope to inspire Singaporeans in similar situations to seek sound financial advice, sooner rather than later, to jumpstart their long-term planning. According to Endowus’s own Retirement Report 2022, younger adults like Benjamin are more proactive in seeking out additional income streams through side income and investing (87% for Gen Zs and Millennials, vs 81% for all correspondents). Millennials in particular, are more likely to take charge of their financial futures (67%) instead of relying on CPF payouts. But the decision to invest is often fraught with challenges.   

“Young adults today are inundated with information online, making it hard to discern which advice is credible and suitable for us,” Benjamin said. “We’ve also watched our parents or loved ones live through crises and suffer major losses. Coupled with the uncertainty of today’s world, many, like myself, can make the mistake of being risk-averse and closed off to the prospect of investing. That’s why having a wealth platform like Endowus who can not only explain, but also optimise, our finances in alignment with our life goals is imperative.” 

As the newly married 32-year-old works towards  starting a family, and managing his new video production company, he places a key focus on bolstering his financial literacy to better understand how to build long-term wealth. He urges everyone, especially young adults in their 20s and 30s, to only go with safe and trusted entities to invest their money and understand that get-rich-quick schemes are unrealistic.

“We’ve seen a surge in financial content across all platforms which target the digitally, but not necessarily financially, savvy. As Endowus’ brand ambassador, Benjamin will not only advocate our vision for democratised investing for all through his humorous, relatable content, but also through the authentic telling of his personal real-life story. We hope this inspires more people to take the next step with us in building a strong financial future,” said Endowus’ Chief Marketing Officer, Jason Huan.  

Benjamin also joins Endowus’ client feature series ‘On The Money’ to unpack his personal financial journey. This series highlights real-life stories of prominent Singaporeans from all walks of life working through different financial situations on the road to retirement readiness. Benjamin joins the client feature series alongside other notable Endowus clients such as Michelle Sng, National High Jumper; Joanne Peh, Actress and Entrepreneur; Nuraliza Osman, Lawyer and former Miss Universe Singapore; and Rachel Lim, Co-founder of Love, Bonito.

About Endowus 

Endowus is Asia’s leading fee-only wealth platform. Licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore and Securities & Futures Commission of Hong Kong, Endowus is the first digital advisor in the region to span both private wealth (Cash) and public pension savings (CPF & SRS in Singapore), helping investors grow their money with expert advice and access to institutional financial solutions at low and fair fees, through a personalised digital wealth experience. 

Founded in 2017, Endowus has raised a total of S$67 million in funding from investors such as UBS, EDBI, Prosus Ventures, Z Venture Capital, Samsung Ventures, Singtel Innov8, and global leading venture capital firms Lightspeed Venture Partners and SoftBank Ventures Asia. As of August 2022, Endowus has more than S$2 billion in assets under advice. 

Endowus’ leadership and growth have been recognised by the industry and it has attained numerous awards including, Singapore’s Fintech Innovation in Asset Management, CEO of the Year, CIO of the Year (Asia Asset Management’s Best of the Best Awards 2022), Singapore’s Fintech Startup of the Year (The Asset Triple A Digital Awards 2022), and Startup of the Year and WealthTech of the Year (Asia FinTech Awards 2022). Endowus is also one of the firms named in Forbes’ “100 to Watch” list for 2022 and LinkedIn Top Start-ups 2022. 

The Endowus Group comprises Endowus' licensed companies in Singapore and Hong Kong, as well as Hong Kong-based Carret Private. Endowus Group serves tens of thousands of clients with assets over US$4 billion, as of end-H1 2022, and is one of the largest independent wealth managers in Asia.

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