Leap into prosperity this CNY 💰     Get an $88 head start to growing your wealth.

Leap into prosperity this CNY 💰Get an $88 head-start to growing your wealth.

New to Endowus? Get a special $58 off fees for 6 months

Endowus helps you manage all your wealth - Cash, CPF, and SRS - with access to personalised advice and investment solutions at a low fair fee. For new clients of Endowus who have not created an Endowus account, get $58 off all Endowus Fee for 6 months when you sign up using your special merewards code.
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Why people invests with Endowus.

Best opportunities

Disciplined, time-tested investing to navigate market volatility and reach your financial goals holistically with Cash, CPF & SRS.

Easy to use

Institutional, low cost access to best-in-class fund managers with expertise, scale, and real proven track records.

Expert advice

No sales charges. No transaction fees. 100% Cashback on trailer fees.  A low all-in transparent Endowus Fee.

How to start investing

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Tell us about yourself
Tell us about your goals, risk tolerance, and investment timeline. We will tailor our portfolio recommendation based on your individual circumstances.
Generate your personalised plan.
Based on what you tell us, our system will scientifically recommend a model portfolio to you. We run thousands of simulations that show you how your portfolio can grow towards your goals.
Onboard online in 10 minutes.
Once you're done with your plan, we'll need some personal information (much like opening a bank account but entirely online). As an MAS-licensed financial adviser, we make sure to follow the rules, so you get all the benefits and none of the hassle.

Historical performance of our Flagship portfolio (60% Equities | 40% Fixed Income) against the Benchmark (60% MSCI ACWI | 40% BBGA)

SGD, monthly data from Jan 2003 to May 2022
Endowus 60 | 40
2.5% p.a.
Historical performance of our flagship portfolio 60% equities and 40% fixed income against MSCI World Index
Historical performance of our flagship portfolio 60% equities and 40% fixed income against MSCI World Index

Expert investing for all of us.

Asia’s leading fee-only digital wealth platform, providing expert personalised advice, institutional access to best-in-class funds, and low fair fees, so everyone can invest better.

Frequently asked questions

What can I invest in on the Endowus platform?

On the Endowus platform, you’ll have access to a curated list of 250+ mutual funds (unit trusts). You may invest in one of our 4 types of advised portfolios (Core, Satellite, Income, Cash Smart) or create your own customised portfolios of funds.

You may learn more about our various investment solutions here

What are the fees in using Endowus?

Opening an Endowus account is free and there are no fees for maintaining an account with us. 

As an independent fee-only wealth advisor, we remove all hidden fees and are paid directly by you for the service we provide to you through the Endowus Fee

The Endowus Fee is an all-in fee that covers all transaction costs and custodian fees. There is no upfront subscription fee, no redemption fee, no switching cost or any other fees. 

In contrast to typical industry practices, we do not keep any trailer fee kickbacks for ourselves, if we receive any we give this back to you 100% as cashback. This means we are completely aligned with clients’ interests and are not incentivised to churn your investments.

Am I eligible to sign up with Endowus?

Any* person over the age of 21, whether living in Singapore or overseas, may open an Endowus account.


Singaporeans and PRs are encouraged to sign up for an account with MyInfo using SingPass for quicker verification. 


If you aren’t a Singaporean or PR, please provide us with your passport and address proof (bank statement, utilities bill or government-issued document) dated within 3 months, after registering for an account. You may email us these documents at support@endowus.com.


*Unfortunately, we cannot open accounts for US persons (US Citizen, US Green Card Holder, or US Tax Resident) at this time.

If I have more questions, how do I contact Endowus?

If you have questions about using Endowus, please contact us at support@endowus.com or call us at +65 3138 9167

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