Faster transfers, enhanced security, and easier tracking — Endowus platform updates
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Leap into prosperity this CNY 💰Get a $88 head start to growing your wealth.

Faster transfers, enhanced security, and easier tracking — Endowus platform updates

Jan 2023
Jul 2022


  • Faster transfers: A new cash transfer flow allows for quicker deposits, which means you can  invest faster than ever before
  • Enhanced security: Improved management of two-factor authentication for trusted devices and better security protocols help keep your account safe
  • Easier tracking: Keep track of the rewards earned and redeemed through referrals, and stay updated on where your friends are in the referral process

The wealth management game has changed — it has never been easier, faster, or cheaper to invest to meet your goals. At the same time, investors’ expectations of digital investment platforms are on the rise, and rightly so.

At Endowus, we strive to exceed these expectations by continuously innovating and challenging ourselves, so we can constantly improve our product and uphold the security and safety of our platform. 

We have listened to your feedback and have actively made improvements to the platform and our processes behind it, to ensure that you can get started, invested, and rewarded in the most efficient way possible.

Invest faster with quicker cash transfers

fund transfer process on Endowus app

We have updated our transfer process so that you can fund your investments faster.

Through our integration with HSBC, deposit transfers can now be made within the same day, and even as quick as within 5 to 10 minutes. All transfer instructions have been updated in your application to allow you to make use of this new integration.

Read here for more details on the deposit process.

Invest securely with improved Two-Factor Authentication management

2FA authentication

Endowus is always committed to ensuring the safety and security of your account. 

Given the recent spate of scams, we have updated our Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) policy to protect your investment account with us and to provide you with a higher standard of security. 

Now when signing in to any device, you can choose to indicate whether or not to trust the device for up to 30 days. If you choose not to, or once those 30 days have passed, you will be prompted to perform another Two-Factor Authentication. 

This allows us to ensure that access to your account remains secure, without disrupting your everyday access to your investments.

Read more about how we handle Two-Factor Authentication here.

Easier tracking for referral statuses

Referral status tracking endowus

Tracking the status of a referral can be tedious, which is why we have enhanced our “My Rewards'' section to provide you with an overview and status of each referee’s onboarding journey. This will let you know when your referee has completed the investment requirements that entitle both of you to the Endowus Fee reward.

You can also keep track of which rewards have been applied, so your fees remain fully transparent, as always.

Learn more about our referral programme here.

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