Investment Policy Statements. What are they? And why should you have one? How can they keep you disciplined and anxiety-free?

Maybe you are a beginner investor, unsure of how to even start getting your financial house in order. Or perhaps you are an old hand in the market, and the recent coffee chat with friends sharing their BTC and GME gains has left you itching to redeem all your retirement savings for a quick punt with Lady Luck.

Either way, a game plan for approaching investments and how they fit into your life can help you navigate difficulties along your investment journey.

Join our team on Wednesday, 12 May 2021 7pm, for a candid discussion on why every investor should create their own personalised Investment Policy Statement, how to create one, and how it can be used to manage investing FOMO and market anxiety.

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About the Speakers

Sheng Shi Chiam, CFA

As Personal Finance Lead at Endowus, Sheng Shi Chiam believes that good investment advice and products should be made accessible to everyone. His most recent role was with CapitaLand in a fund management function, where he covered a portfolio of private equity funds, where he constructed and ran financial models to support his team with divestment options.

On the side, he is a frequent Op-Ed writer to the Straits Times, commenting on investing and retirement matters. He graduated in B.B.A (Hons) with a double specialisation in Finance and Supply Chain Management from National University of Singapore and is a CFA Charterholder.

Madeline Wee

Madeline is an Analyst with the Client Experience team at Endowus, working to connect people with investment solutions that meet their needs. Prior to joining Endowus, Madeline served in the Government as a policy officer, working on institutional management and regulatory reviews. In her spare time, the UCL graduate is an avid Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioner.

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