Leap into prosperity this CNY 💰     Get an $88 head start to growing your wealth.

Leap into prosperity this CNY 💰Get an $88 head-start to growing your wealth.

Unit trust transfer

It’s easy to make the switch
Save up to 65%* on fees today

The more you save on fees, the better your net returns are. Consolidate your investments easily, without needing to sell your unit trust holdings.

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*"Save up to 65% on fees” is calculated by comparing fees of common retail ISINs (AI ISINs are not included) on Endowus against other platform/distributor(s). The fee calculations include 100% Cashback on trailer fees and are exclusive of Endowus fees. Calculations are as of April 2024.
Illustration of fees incurred for investments in the PIMCO GIS Income Fund across different platforms
Endowus clients are offered institutional share class funds, & at a much lower min investment amount.
Based on Endowus Research, data as of April 2024. This comparison is made between the institutional share class (IE00BMB3HX34) offered on Endowus, versus the retail share class (IE00B9HH6X13) offered on other platform(s). Our reference point for “zero fee” platforms are those that take embedded trailer fees and platform fees.
Institutional Fund Fees: 0.55%
Endowus Access Fee: 0.40%
“0 Fee” Platform
Retail Fund Fees: 1.45%
Private Bank
Retail Fund Fees: 1.45%
Sales Fees: 0.50%–1.5%
Retail Bank
Retail Fund Fees: 1.45%
Sales Fees: 0.8%–3%

Don’t let fees eat into your returns

Through Endowus, you get access to lower cost institutional share class funds, that are not easily accessible to retail investors, and are typically half the cost. Aside from those fee savings, Endowus also rebates a 100% Cashback on trailer fees, with 0% sales charges and 0% transaction fees, allowing us to bring costs down to the lowest achievable.

Illustration of fees saved for investments in three popular funds.

Fund name


Fees saved
per year (%)

Potential savings
over 30 year (SGD)*

PIMCO GIS Income Fund
FSSA Dividend Advantage Fund
Allianz Income & Growth Fund

For other funds and fee calculations, please reach out to support@endowus.com to enquire on the specific fund(s).
We currently only accept SGD cash funds. CPF or SRS funds are not eligible for transfer in.

Assuming 4%, 7%, and 6% returns per year based on the 10-year annualised returns of each fund as of June 2023, Endowus Access Fee (0.3% p.a.), and comparing the respective fund-level fees at Endowus (after trailer fee Cashback and assuming Cashback is re-invested) and the highest fee charged by a retail fund platform in Singapore. For the methodology of representative historical data, please refer here.
transfer for free


SGD$ Amount

% fees saved per year

SGD$ saved per year

Fees Saved
Amount Saved
Fees Saved
Amount Saved
Fees Saved
Amount Saved

Total amount saved per year


IMPORTANT: All amounts reflected are estimates based on our comparisons between the share class we provide as well as the average fees charge by other providers.
If the ISIN you are searching for is unavailable via this calculator, it may still be eligible for asset transfer. Please reach out to support@endowus.com to find out more.
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Transfer your unit trusts in four simple steps

set up an
endowus account
If you already have an existing Endowus account, you can proceed to Step 02.
Initiate the
transfer out process
Fill up the transfer out form(s) on your distributor’s end and the transfer in form from Endowus, or send us an email request, and we’ll provide the relevant transfer paperwork.
Share the filled-out forms together with your latest statement of holdings, with your Endowus advisor.
Once we have the relevant items, we will contact your distributor requesting for your assets, kickstarting the whole transfer process.
Do I have to
exit and re-enter
the market
No. There is no buying and selling of funds, so you can maintain the amount of time you have had in the market.
Is it easy to
transfer from
multiple different
You can send us an email at support@endowus.com, and we’ll provide all the relevant transfer paperwork. It's that simple!
Will I get support
from Endowus?
Yes, we are always here to help. A client advisor will be assigned to you once you have filled up the transfer in form.
Is this available
for Individuals or
for Corporates
Unit trust transfer is available for both individuals and corporates.
How long does the
transfer take?
The whole process can take 2 weeks or more, depending on the processing speed of the bank/distributor. On average, we see that the time taken is 6-8 weeks.
Which funding source is this available for?
We currently only accept unit trusts funded by Cash, and we are working on our capability to accept SRS and CPF assets.

Please note that the minimum transfer amount is set at S$10,000 per fund. For exceptions, please email us at support@endowus.com.
Have other
in mind?
Feel free to contact us via Whatsapp or email us at support@endowus.com

Still exploring? Discover 400+ best-in-class funds

Discover which funds are eligible to be transferred and how Endowus can help you save on your fees.

For funds not found, please reach out to support@endowus.com to enquire on the eligibility of your asset transfer.