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Take Control of your CPF

$200 of every $1,000 you earn goes to CPF, not to mention another $170 from your employer. For most people the money just sits in their CPF account earning interest for 30+ years.

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This illustrative chart shows the impact of compounding. Actual returns will be different.

The chart shows Endowus fees versus typical industry fees assuming an equal 7.5% annualised return of underlying investment before any fees, and the return of interest of 2.5% p.a., equivalent to the CPF Ordinary Account interest rate legislated by the government.

Endowus fees comprised of Endowus Access Fee (of 0.25% to 0.60% p.a. depending on client AUA) and 0.52% fund-level fee (equivalent to that of the Endowus 60 | 40 balanced cash portfolio). Industry fee comprised of typical retail fees of 2% sales charge, 0.50% wrap/platform fee p.a., and 1.75% fund-level fee.


How do you invest my CPF?

Investing your CPF is now seamless.

First, you need to have a CPF-Investment Account (CPF-IA). If you do not have one, you can open a CPF-IA with any of the 3 agent banks (UOB, DBS or OCBC).

Through our partnership with UOB, you will be able to open a CPF-IA completely online in under 2 minutes with your SingPass.

Next, you will tell us your CPF-IA number, so that we can link it to your Endowus account. You can then invest the CPF savings in your CPF Ordinary Account via the Endowus platform.

It's important to remember that any returns you get from investing your CPF will go back to your CPF accounts.

How much of my CPF can I invest?

You can invest your CPF savings under the CPF Investment Scheme – Ordinary Account (CPFIS-OA) after setting aside $20,000 in your OA. To find out the amount of OA savings you can use for investment, you can login to CPF website using your SingPass to access my cpf Online Services – My Statement.

Is it safer to leave my money in CPF where my returns are guaranteed?

As with all investing, your capital is at risk. Money in your CPF-OA is guaranteed by the Singapore Government, so if capital preservation is your primary concern we encourage you to keep your money in your CPF account. However, at Endowus, we believe in the power of the markets and long-term investing, and that over a long time period your investment portfolio should (with no guarantee) perform better than the 2.5% p.a. interest in your CPF-OA account.

When will Endowus launch its CPF and SRS services?

We are weeks away from bringing our solution to market, and are working closely with our partners, UOB Kay Hian and UOB, to bring a fully online experience to you.