Here are 13 new funds added in August. We have classified the funds according to their asset classes, sectors, or themes for your browsing — Real Assets, Equities, ESG, Fixed Income, and Technology. The new funds are managed by top global fund managers such as AllianceBernstein ("AB"), Aberdeen Standard Investments, Allianz, BlackRock, Fidelity, HSBC Asset Management ("HSBC"), Janus Henderson, PIMCO, and Wells Fargo Asset Management ("Wells Fargo").

Real Assets

BlackRock BSF Global Real Assets Securities Fund

ISIN: LU2364470067 (SGD)

The Fund offers unique exposure to companies in real estate and infrastructure sectors globally, and achieves an attractive payout generated from underlying dividends as well as an additional options overlay. Its PM team is stable and experienced, run by senior leaders with an average of 26 years of experience.

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Fidelity Global Dividend Fund

ISIN: LU0731783394 (SGD)

The Fund offers a diverse portfolio of high-quality, defensive companies that offer sustainable long-term dividend payout and low beta characteristics compared to peers. While this Fund was previously available for CPF investing via Endowus, you can now also invest your Cash and SRS via this new share class.

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HSBC GIF Asia Pacific ex Japan Equity High Dividend Fund

ISIN: LU0630378429 (SGD)

Driven by an active and contrarian approach, the Fund invests in the Asia Pacific ex Japan equity market with an income focus, and is run by an experienced team with a long tenure at HSBC. The Fund has historically delivered above-benchmark dividends.

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Wells Fargo US All Cap Growth Fund

ISIN: LU2087625088 (SGD)

The Fund maintains a pure growth tilt by using a time-proven investment process of identifying under-appreciated companies with robust and sustainable growth since 1999. It has so far delivered strong performance compared to benchmark and peers without overloading on market beta.

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Aberdeen Standard SICAV I - Asian Sustainable Development Equity Fund

ISIN: LU2348773727 (SGD)

As the first Asian equity fund to align its investment philosophy to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the Fund takes an all-cap approach to investing in companies with high quality. Endowus has also worked with Aberdeen Standard to offer the competitive “founder fee” share class to our clients.

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Aberdeen Standard SICAV I - Emerging Markets Sustainable Development Equity Fund

ISIN: LU2348774022 (SGD)

As a unique Emerging Markets equity fund aligning its investment philosophy to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the Fund takes an all-cap approach to investing in companies with high quality. Endowus has also worked with Aberdeen Standard to offer the competitive “founder fee” share class to our clients.

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AB Sustainable Global Thematic Portfolio Fund

ISIN: LU0289739343 (SGD)

The Fund incorporates top-down identification of secular sustainability trends that helps to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals, such as Health, Climate, and Empowerment, as well as bottom-up stock selection to invest in the best ideas within the theme.

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The Fund, managed using PIMCO’s deep bench of fixed income team combining top-down macroeconomic analysis and bottom-up credit selection, has a unique investment objective of seeking stable current income by investing globally in issuers committed to sustainability with strong  ESG credentials.

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Fixed Income

Aberdeen Standard SICAV I - Frontier Markets Bond Fund

ISIN: LU2066861621 (SGD)

As a rare frontier debt offering in the retail SGD space, the Fund adopts disciplined bottom-up research to identify securities with the highest risk-adjusted returns issued by sovereigns and corporates from over 80 frontier market countries. The Fund has historically offered top-tier returns in the peer group since inception.

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Fidelity Emerging Markets Focus Fund

ISIN: LU1102506141 (USD)

Using its robust investment process built upon Focus (high conviction ideas), Prudence (companies with strong governance and balance sheet), and Patience (long-term investment horizon), the Fund has a consistent track record of delivering long-term outperformance with good downside protection.

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HSBC GIF Asia High Yield Bond Fund

ISIN: LU2065168101 (SGD)

The Fund benefits from HSBC’s long track record of investing in the Asian fixed income market since 1996, and implements a collaborative approach to tap onto various sources including credit selection, currency, duration, and yield curve positioning. It has historically delivered top-quartile returns compared to its benchmark.

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HSBC GIF Global High Income Bond Fund

ISIN: LU0669553462 (SGD)

Allocating to various regions and sectors including Investment Grade and High Yield securities in USD, EUR, and even Emerging Markets, the Fund is run by a well-resourced team of five portfolio managers and more than 40 sector analysts, and has historically generated favourable total returns including income payout.

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Allianz Global Artificial Intelligence Fund

ISIN: LU2357305700 (SGD)

The Fund is a diverse portfolio of the best AI-related ideas with strong growth potential across various sectors, and has historically delivered superior risk-adjusted returns. While this Fund was previously available for Cash/SRS investing via Endowus, you can now also invest your CPF via this new share class.

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