Webinar: Beyond REITs — A 101 Session on Private Real Estate with UBS Asset Management
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Webinar: Beyond REITs — A 101 Session on Private Real Estate with UBS Asset Management

May 2023
Apr 2023
A 101 Session on Private Real Estate with UBS Asset Management

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00:00 – Introduction to the session

03:17 – About UBS Asset Management

06:34 – What is real estate investing?

13:01 – Case study: Singaporean mixed-use co-investment

14:57 – Case study: Australian hyperscale data centre co-investment

16:41 – Public REITs vs private real estate

27:33 – What are the different strategies/styles in real estate investing?

30:55 – How can investors gain exposure to real estate?

35:07 – Why invest in direct/private global real estate?

40:23 – Considerations when investing in private real estate

45:36 – Q&A: What’s the outlook on commercial real estate?

48:36 – Q&A: Weighing the illiquidity risk in private real estate investing

52:14 – Q&A: Is there an optimal tenant mix in today’s economic climate?

56:03 – Q&A: How to evaluate which private funds to invest in

59:18 – Q&A: What are your views on data centres?

About the session

Real estate investment trusts or REITs are especially popular in Singapore. At a size of US$74 billion, or 12% of Singapore’s stock market cap, the S-REIT segment certainly catches investors’ attention.

But they are not the only way to invest in real estate. With the value of global real estate investment portfolios exceeding US$2 trillion, there is a bigger universe beyond investing in S-REITs.

Endowus warmly invites you to an educational webinar to learn more about private real estate as an alternative asset class that has become more accessible to investors in recent years.

This is a 101 session that aims to leave participants with a clear understanding of what private real estate investing is, and how it differs from investing in listed REITs. Our guest speakers will also share how fund managers seek value and deploy capital in global real estate markets.

  1. What is private real estate?
  2. An overview of the private real estate landscape
  3. How private real estate differs from REITs, and why this matters

We are pleased to have Daniel Lim, Director and Associate Portfolio Manager, and Augustus Set, Director and Portfolio Analyst, from the Multi-Manager Real Estate team in UBS Asset Management as guest speakers for the session. The session will be hosted by Yuhan Tan, Investment Lead at Endowus.

Questions from the live audience can be found here.

About the speakers

Yuhan Tan, Investment Lead at Endowus, is responsible for the sourcing and screening of alternative strategies, along with other functions of the Endowus Investment Office. Yuhan was previously at Mercer and Cambridge Associates, two investment consulting firms that provide investment portfolio management and advisory services to institutional investors. Yuhan was also with Hawksburn Capital, a multi-family office that provides investment advisory services to high networth individuals. Yuhan graduated from Singapore Management University with a Bachelor of Science in Economics. 

Daniel Lim, Associate Portfolio Manager, Multi-Managers Real Estate (MM-RE) Asia Pacific, is responsible for underwriting and monitoring real estate investments across APAC. As part of UBS’s Real Estate & Private Markets arm, the team invests in a wide range of unlisted real estate funds operated by either UBS or third party managers, primarily on behalf of institutional investors globally. Daniel currently plays an active role in the portfolio management of a global separate account, as well as UBS Real Estate Fund Investment Selection (REFIS), one of MM-RE’s co-mingled products. This involves top-down analysis and allocations across products and mandates. Prior to joining UBS, Daniel spent over 4 years in the Equity Research division at Credit Suisse in Singapore, focusing on listed Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) and Developers.

Augustus Set, Portfolio Analyst, Multi-Managers Real Estate (MM-RE) Asia Pacific, takes care of the research and analysis of APAC markets for potential investments, and serves on the MMRE Sustainability Workgroup. He is also involved in client reporting and relationship management, as well as business development and capital raising initiatives. Prior to joining the MMRE APAC team, he joined UBS as part of the Graduate Talent Program (GTP) in 2015.


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