Webinar: Endowus Q2 2021: Performance review and market insights
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Webinar: Endowus Q2 2021: Performance review and market insights

Jun 2022
Jul 2021
Webinar: Endowus Q2 2021: Performance review and market insights

With the accelerated roll-out of Covid-19 vaccines in developed countries driving economic recovery, financial markets have delivered higher-than-expected returns in the first half of this year. The MSCI All Country World Index returned 14.4% on a SGD basis in just the first half of 2021. Have investors’ portfolios managed to capture these market returns? How should you position your investments going forward?

0:00 Introductions
5:18 Endowus Fund Smart Introduction
11:52 Q2’2021 Macroeconomic overview DM and Global Market
15:39 Inflation concerns unfounded- inflation remains below trend
22:55 Fixed Income market overview
31:45 Dollardex does it mean endowus rebate must be higher than 0.6% to be competitive with dollardex?
37:48 Endowus Core Advised Portfolio, Cash and SRS
45:20 Endowus Core Advised Portfolio, CPF and ESG
49:45 Comparing Roboadvisors performance, Cash Smart
58:00 2H Market Outlook
1:15:49 Diversification benefits still hold true
1:17:48 Q&A What will happen to my Endowus portfolio if china stocks are delisted in US
1:22:15 Q&A Many are calling out for a correction soon, What is your take on this?

Excerpts from the webinar

On China Stocks delisting and the impact on Endowus portfolio

Sam: This is exactly why we need to have a globally diversified portfolio, so that we dont have a single geographic exposure, if you only bought a china fund, then you definitely would be suffering from the poor returns right now. If you only bought a geographic or sector fund, or gold last year, then there will also be underperformance in certain periods.

We showed you the quilt charts for equities and fixed income because diversification is something that really works. Being truly diversified is the right way to go. About the Chinese stocks and delisting, we don't know how long it will last, and it is an extraneous situation that the Chinese government will dictate the outcome. Anyone that tells you they can predict what is going on next should not be trusted. Do not try to predict the future.

Wei Mei: Some of the regulatory scrutiny that is happening today is long overdue, and if you speak to the fund managers that we collaborate with that is the consensus they have on the market. The Chinese government have a slogan on preventing the disorderly expansion of capital; they want to keep things under control and prevent market exuberance. The government will also focus on common prosperity and social stability, the overall feedback is that we do not expect something systematic that will crash the market, althought headline risk in specific sectors are unavoidable.

Q&A Many are calling out for a correction soon, What is your take on this? (1:22:15)

Sam: We have seen multiple corrections, corrections are normal. In 50% of any year, we will see a correction of 10% or more; 33% of the time we will see a correction of 20% or more. In 90% of the years, we will see a correction of 5% or more. It is very common for us to experience market corrections.  

The more important thing is, are you a short term investor or a long term investor? If you are a short term investor then you would be worried about these market fluctuations, but as a long term investor, especially through a diversified long term portfolio, you should not be worried about volatility. These are opportunities for you to add to your positions and continue to invest in the markets long term, because the returns will compound.

No one can predict these corrections and how long these corrections can be. No one could have predicted that COVID-19 happened and how fast the market recovered from it in a month, although we are still reeling from its impact economically. What we know is that the market will over the long run move upwards in an upward trajectory. For the full year (of 202), we saw a double digit return. Within 3 years, we have 2 periods of massive correction, but look at what the markets has done over the long term.

Investment involves risk. Past performance is not necessarily a guide to future performance or returns. The value of investments and the income from them can go down as well as up, and you may not get the full amount you invested. Rates of exchange may cause the value of investments to go up or down. Individual stock performance does not represent the return of a fund.

Any forward-looking statements, prediction, projection or forecast on the economy, stock market, bond market or economic trends of the markets contained in this material are subject to market influences and contingent upon matters outside the control of Endow.us Pte. Ltd (“Endowus”) and therefore may not be realised in the future. Further, any opinion or estimate is made on a general basis and subject to change without notice. In presenting the information above, none of Endowus Pte. Ltd., its affiliates, directors, employees, representatives or agents have given any consideration to, nor have made any investigation of the objective, financial situation or particular need of any user, reader, any specific person or group of persons. Therefore, no representation is made as to the completeness and adequacy of the information to make an informed decision. You should carefully consider (i) whether any investment views and products/ services are appropriate in view of your investment experience, objectives, financial resources and relevant circumstances. You may also wish to seek financial advice through a financial advisor or the Endowus platform and independent legal, accounting, regulatory or tax advice, as appropriate.

Investment into collective investment schemes: Please refer to respective funds’ prospectuses for details of the funds, their related fees, charges and risk factors, The listing of units of the fund on a stock exchange does not guarantee a liquid market for the units. Before making an investment decision, you are reminded to refer to the relevant prospectus for specific risk considerations.

For Cash Smart Secure, Cash Smart Enhanced, Cash Smart Ultra: It is not a bank deposit and not capital guaranteed, and is subject to investment risks, including the possible loss of the principal amount invested. Investment products are not insured products under the provisions of the Deposit Insurance and Policy Owners Protection Schemes Act 2011 of Singapore and are not eligible for deposit insurance coverage under the Deposit Insurance Scheme. Interest rates are indicative and subject to change at any time.

Product Risk Rating: Please note that any product risk rating (the “PRR”) provided by us is an internal rating assigned based on our product risk assessment model, and is for your reference only. The PRR is subject to change from time to time. The PRR does not take into account your individual circumstances, objectives or needs and should not be regarded as advice or recommendation to purchase, hold or sell any fund or make any other investment decisions. Accordingly, you should not solely rely on the PRR in making your investment decision in the relevant Fund.

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Webinar: Endowus Q2 2021: Performance review and market insights

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