Managing tail risks: Investing & saving for your pets
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Managing tail risks: Investing & saving for your pets

June 10, 2021

Rearing a pet can be a long term financial commitment: the initial cost of buying a pet, vaccination and health check, combined with the recurring cost of grooming, pet food and toys can add up to an astronomical amount.

While pet owners enjoy the company and fun associated with having a pet, the potential costs involved are not to be trifled with. In this session, join Gregory VAN, CEO of Endowus, and Rui Ming HE from the WokeSalaryman as they talk about:

  1. Costs of owning a pet, based on type of pet etc.
  2. Adopting from a pet shelter vs buying your own pet
  3. Saving and investing for a pet and pet care
  4. How pet lifespans tie in with your investment horizon
  5. Investment products to use based on that investment horizon
  6. How Endowus can prepare you for pet costs - before, during the lifespan, and end-of-life care for your pet
  7. Contingency planning for your pet

About the Speakers

Ruiming HE

Ruiming He is the co-founder of Woke Salaryman, a personal finance and lifestyle page that tries to make good relationships with money as simple as possible.

In addition to running the page, Ruiming is also a content writer, pseudo-journalist, lifestyle writer, video editor and avid off-road load distance cyclist.

Gregory VAN

Greg started his career at UBS in the investment bank covering private equity and venture capital firms in the Asia Pacific region. He subsequently joined GrabTaxi (now Grab) where he started the payments business and ran technology partnerships.

When it came to investing, Greg found a lack of access to products, incredibly high fees, no advice, and a poor user experience. Combining his finance and technology experience, he found like-minded partners to attack the problem head on, which spawned Endowus.

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