Webinar: Endowus Q4 2023 Market Insights and Performance Review
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Webinar: Endowus Q4 2023 Market Insights and Performance Review

Feb 2024
Jan 2024
Webinar: Endowus Q4 2023 Market Insights and Performance Review

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  • 00:00 – Introduction
  • 03:40 – Q4 2023 Market Review
  • 13:30 – Endowus Portfolio Review - Flagship Cash/SRS
  • 15:21 – Endowus Portfolio Review - Flagship CPF
  • 17:55 – Endowus Portfolio Review - Factor
  • 18:50 – Endowus Portfolio Review - ESG
  • 20:12 – Endowus Portfolio Review - Income
  • 22:50 – Endowus Portfolio Review - Cash Smart
  • 24:25 – Endowus Portfolio Review - Satellite
  • 27:24 – Fed Rate Hikes
  • 30:40 – Geopolitics
  • 31:32 – The Rise of Gen AI and ChatGPT
  • 40:42 – Q&A: Comparison between Corporate Bonds and Sovereign Bonds. Which one do we see a safer upside? And where do Municipal Bonds sit?
  • 44:21 – Q&A: Is there still a place for active management of Equities, considering most active Equity managers underperform most passive ETF and funds.
  • 46:33 – Q&A: Not all Bonds are doing well. Should I sell and take the loss or keep holding it?
  • 48:25 – Q&A: How can Endowus say we did well, when many of our funds didn't beat the market indices.
  • 49:40 - Q&A: Bonds vs Equities, what's the trend for the next 3 - 6 months?
  • 50:47 - Q&A: When are we introducing a passive tech fund?
  • 52:15 - Q&A: I'm investing for a 10 - 15 years horizon, how do this year's themes impact my investing decision?
  • 55:25 - Q&A: Can I find a Nasdaq fund on Fund Smart?

About the session

The Endowus Investment Office will offer perspectives on key events that have shaped 2023 with an outlook into 2024, as well as how Endowus portfolios have performed in the past year.

Join Director of Investment Research, Min Axthelm, and Investment Lead, Yulin Liu as they discuss:

  1. How the financial markets performed in 2023.
  2. How key Endowus Portfolios performed in Q4 and full year of 2023.
  3. Is cash still the king? Perspectives on big market themes that might impact 2024 including Fed policy, the rise of Gen AI and ChatGPT, and geopolitics.

About the speakers

Min Axthelm, Director of Investment Research, Endowus‍

Min Axthelm is the Director of Investment Research at Endowus, a leading digital wealth platform in Asia.

In her current role, Min leads the efforts at Endowus’ Investment Office on research and content creation on the macro market and asset allocation, portfolio construction & optimisation and investment manager due diligence. She also works closely with the Product team on product research and development.

Min has more than a decade of experience in the investment industry, including fund manager due diligence and asset management, and joined Endowus from Morgan Stanley in New York, where she was Lead Analyst with its Wealth Management Global Investment Office, overseeing the due diligence process from inception to completion for US Equity strategies and mutual funds.

Yulin Liu, Investment Lead, Endowus

Yulin Liu is the Investment Lead at Endowus. Yulin focuses on investment due diligence and portfolio construction, and coordinates with other departments on investment-related matters. She is a member of the Investment Committee and is passionate about making investing more accessible and easier for individuals.

Her most recent role was with AQR Capital Management, where she served major institutional investors across Asia in their investment and portfolio monitoring needs.

Yulin holds a Masters in Financial Analysis (Distinction) from London Business School, and a MEng in Engineering, Economics and Management (First Class Honours) from the University of Oxford.

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Webinar: Endowus Q4 2023 Market Insights and Performance Review

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