Webinar: Is the US economy headed for a tough recession?
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Webinar: Is the US economy headed for a tough recession?

Jul 2022
Jun 2022

About the event 

Investors are watching how the US economy will fare for the rest of 2022. In June, the Fed raised interest rates by 75 basis points, the sharpest since 1994. Inflation levels in the US have reached its highest level since 1981 as consumers struggle against soaring prices in recent months. 

How should investors be thinking about the risks of high inflation — or worse, a 1970s-styled stagflation — as we head into the second half of this year? If the Fed rate hikes trigger a difficult recession, how should investors be positioning their portfolios? 

In this special webinar collaboration with PIMCO and PineBridge Investments, we are proud to be joined by a panel of esteemed speakers as they tackle these hot-button issues to help investors cut through the noise and find their feet through these volatile times. 

The session will be hosted by Endowus’ Head of Investments, Sean Wong. The speakers will discuss these key topics: 

  • The inflation and rates outlook for the rest of 2022.
  • The impact of geopolitical conflict on the global supply chain and financial markets.
  • Will a recession be coming in the next 12 months, and what we can learn from past cycles.
  • How serious the impact of rising inflation is despite strong job numbers.
  • Diversifying and combining investment strategies to hedge against inflation. 

About the speakers

Sean Wong, Head of Investments, Endowus

Sean Wong is the Head of Investments of Endowus. In this role, Sean oversees Endowus’ advisory and investment solutions, and leads the investment office in optimising portfolio strategies and fund selection to drive growth. Sean also focuses on developing strategic relationships with fund management companies, broadening the range of investment solutions and market innovations in the sector. 

Prior to his current role, Sean was an Executive Director in the Investment Management Services (IMS) team at Morgan Stanley Private Wealth Management Asia, serving as their Head of Offerings. In this role, Sean was responsible for the identification, selection, due diligence, as well as sales and distribution of all fee-based products and discretionary portfolio offerings to the firms’ Wealth Management clients. 

Sean has over 14 years of experience in the wealth management industry, having started his career with BBR Partners, LLC, where he focused on developing integrated investment solutions for ultra-high-net-worth individuals and families.

Emmanuel Sharef, Ph.D., Executive Vice President and Portfolio Manager, Asset Allocation and Multi Real Asset, PIMCO

Dr Emmanuel Sharef is a portfolio manager on PIMCO’s asset allocation team and one of the four PMs managing the Inflation Multi Asset Fund. 

He is an executive vice president and portfolio manager in the Newport Beach office, focused on asset allocation and multi-real-asset strategies and the residential real estate market. He is a member of the Americas portfolio committee and has served as a rotating member of the Investment Committee. 

Prior to joining PIMCO in 2011, he worked in the mortgage credit strategists group at Morgan Stanley. He has 13 years of investment and financial services experience and holds a Ph.D. in operations research from Cornell University, specialising in statistics and biometrics. He received an undergraduate degree from Princeton University.

Hani Rehda, CAIA, Managing Director, Portfolio Manager, Global Multi-Asset PineBridge Investments, London

Mr Redha joined the firm in 2012 and is responsible for leading the strategy and research function for the Global Multi-Asset Team. Mr Redha also contributes to manager selection and monitoring, with a particular focus on alternatives. Prior to joining the firm, Mr Redha was an Investment Manager with the sovereign wealth fund of the Kingdom of Bahrain, Mumtalakat where he built and managed their global multi-asset class investment portfolio and oversaw strategic and tactical asset allocation, as well as manager selection across all asset classes. 

Prior to that, Mr Redha held positions as Deputy Head of Global Fixed Income and Deputy Head of Hedge Funds at NCB Capital. He holds a master’s degree in chemical engineering, with First Class Honours, from Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine in London and holds a diploma in actuarial techniques from the Institute of Actuaries (UK). He also is a Chartered Alternative Investments Analyst (CAIA) charterholder.


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