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Investing intelligently, done right.

Access institutional share-class funds from best-in-class global managers
SGD-hedged and denominated solutions for FX efficiency
UCITS funds for tax efficiency
No lock ups
No penalties
0% sales fees
No transaction fees
100% trailer fee rebates
Assets securely held in your own name at UOB Kay Hian

Better access, lower fees, higher returns.

With Endowus, you get personalised advice for your goals, exclusive access to best-in-class funds with real track records, and low & aligned fees.

What are the fees for investing with Endowus?
0.24% p.a.
6% p.a.
9% p.a.
30 years of compounding could mean a world of difference
*Not guaranteed. Projected return is calculated based on past performance.

Institutional access for the individual

Your investment plan accesses leading global fund managers with the expertise, scale and real, proven track records in implementing their strategies successfully over time. We access their best-in-class funds at the lowest cost possible.

You grow your money like the best investors in the world.

Expert advice for everyone

Science over speculation. Evidence-based investing means using time-tested, research-backed strategies to reach your goals.

Backed by the research of Nobel Laureate academics, we advocate passive and systematic strategies that have broad diversification implemented by professionals.

Safely held in your name at UOB Kay Hian

When you create an Endowus account, we will create a trust account in your own name at UOB Kay Hian, Singapore's largest broker. . Your assets are safely held in the trust account and UOB Kay Hian will process all the transactions you make on the Endowus platform.

Minutes to onboard.
Years to earn.
Multiples of difference.
No lock-up, no limits.
invest your srs
Onboarding available with

Frequently asked questions

Can I open a joint, corporate, institutional, or trust account? Can I invest in different currencies?

Absolutely. Email us at institutional@endowus.com. We can work with you on your account opening with Endowus and UOB Kay Hian.

Endowus investment solutions are available in all major global currencies (USD, EUR, GBP, AUD, JPY, CHF and more).

What are the underlying funds (unit trusts) for Endowus SGD Cash investment portfolios?

For general investing, Endowus SGD Cash portfolios are composed of global equities and fixed income funds managed by best-in-class fund managers such as PIMCO, Dimensional, and Vanguard. For Cash Smart (high yield cash management solutions), please refer to the Cash Smart page here.

Unlike other fund platforms, financial advisors, brokers, banks or distributors, Endowus accesses the institutional share-class of funds that have lower fees, never charges a sales fee, and rebates 100% of trailer fees so you keep more of your returns.

To see more information on the exact portfolios at each level of risk, underlying holdings, historical returns, fees, and more, create your Endowus account for free.


SGD Cash portfolio underlying equity funds:

Dimensional Global Core Equity

The fund systematically invests in global developed countries, and is generally overweight in shares of smaller sized companies, value companies and profitable companies, the proven long-term dimensions of higher expected returns.

Fund rationale | KIID/PHS

Lion Infinity (Vanguard) US 500 Stock Index

A passive index investment strategy using the Vanguard US 500 Stock Index Fund as the underlying fund that is designed to track the performance of the S&P 500 index of large US companies, by investing in all, or a representative sample, of securities that make up the index.

Fund rationale | KIID/PHS

Dimensional Emerging Markets Large Cap Core Equity

The fund invests in emerging market large cap equities. Within the universe of eligible companies, the Fund will have a greater exposure to companies with a smaller relative market cap, value companies, and profitable companies.

Fund rationale | KIID/PHS

Dimensional Pac Basin Small Companies

Diversified portfolio of over 2,000 smaller companies by market capitalisation located in the Pacific Basin (Australia, China, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan).

Fund rationale | KIID/PHS


SGD Cash portfolio underlying fixed income funds:

PIMCO GIS Global Bond Fund

A diverse, actively managed portfolio of global fixed income securities. The Fund invests primarily in a diversified portfolio of investment grade bonds denominated in major world currencies.

Fund rationale | KIID/PHS

PIMCO GIS Income Fund

The Income Fund is a portfolio that is actively managed and utilizes a broad range of fixed income securities that seek to produce an attractive level of income while maintaining a relatively low-risk profile, with a secondary goal of capital appreciation.

Fund rationale | KIID/PHS

Dimensional Global Core Fixed Income Fd

The Fund aims to maximise total returns in Singapore Dollar terms over the longer term by investing in fixed or floating rate fixed income instruments issued by sovereigns and corporates, with a view to capture expected credit and term premiums.

Fund rationale | KIID/PHS

PIMCO GIS Emerging Markets Bond Fund

A diverse portfolio consisting primarily of fixed income securities from issuers in, or economically tied to, emerging or developing countries. Assets may be denominated in US dollars or local currencies. The fund is actively managed to maximise total return potential and minimise risk relative to the benchmark.

Fund rationale | KIID/PHS

How does Endowus make money? How is the Access Fee charged?

For general investing, Endowus charges an Access Fee based on assets under advice (AUA), which includes portfolio advice & creation, unlimited transactions, all at your convenience on the Endowus platform.

Endowus has no sales fees, and 100% trailer fee rebates. Unlike other platforms, we do not collect kickbacks from fund managers. We are only paid by you, the client we serve.

Access Fee per annum based on assets under advice (AUA):
0.60%   S$200,000 and below
0.50%   S$200,001 to S$1,000,000
0.35%   S$1,000,001 to S$5,000,000
0.25%   S$5,000,001 and above

For Cash Smart (high yield cash management solutions), the Endowus Access Fee is 0.05% per year for any amount.

Note that Fund-Level Fees (fund total expense ratio) are charged by the fund manager out of the underlying fund Net Asset Value (NAV).

How the Access Fee is charged

Paying the Access Fee is seamless and transparent. We charge our Access Fee on a quarterly basis based on your daily average total assets under advice for that quarter. If you have any cash in your trust balance that is not in an investment portfolio, we will use your remaining cash balance to pay for the Access Fee. Otherwise, we will redeem part of your investment portfolio, equivalent to your fees due for the quarter.

What is the cost of Endowus versus popular fund platforms?

It is much lower cost to buy, maintain, and grow your money with Endowus  than it would be to replicate them on a popular “low cost, no fee” fund platform. Endowus also rebates 100% of trailer fees, and gives access to the institutional share class of funds, which typically are half the cost of a retail fund share class.

For example, when you buy the PIMCO Income Fund at a private bank or broker, you may be sold the retail share class, which has a total expense ratio of 1.45%, plus any sales fees (typically 1-5%), plus any custodian fees (typically 0.20% to 0.50% per year) and advisory/wrap fees. This means that you may have a total cost of ownership in the first year of over 3%.

With Endowus, we access the institutional share class of the same fund, which has a total expense ratio of 0.55%, no sales fees, no transaction fees, and the Endowus Access Fee of 0.40% per year. This means you have a total cost of ownership of 0.95%.

I’m an existing Endowus client. How do I start investing Cash with Endowus? 

1) Simply log in to your Endowus account,
2) Go to "Invest | Redeem"

3a) "Add new goal" and select "Invest my SGD Cash", or
3b) select an existing goal, and "add my SGD Cash to this goal".

Can I schedule a call with an MAS-licensed Endowus investment advisor?

Absolutely. Please schedule a call with the below link. We look forward to speaking with you.

Schedule a call with an MAS-licensed Endowus investment advisor

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