Leap into prosperity this CNY 💰     Get an $88 head start to growing your wealth.

Leap into prosperity this CNY 💰Get an $88 head-start to growing your wealth.

Gift yourself a
head start this Christmas

Start investing to achieve your life’s goals and reward yourself with attractive prizes.

Stand a chance to win

1 winner
5 winners
5 winners
5 winners

3 ways to participate

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Here’s what you can expect with Endowus.

Why invest with us

Best opportunities

Disciplined, time-tested investing to navigate market volatility and reach your financial goals holistically with Cash, CPF & SRS.

Easy to use

Institutional, low cost access to best-in-class fund managers with expertise, scale, and real proven track records.

Expert advice

No sales charges. No transaction fees. 100% Cashback on trailer fees.  A low all-in transparent Endowus Fee.


How to start investing

Sign up conveniently & securely using SingPass.
Tell us about yourself and we’ll do the rest.
We will tailor a portfolio for you using best-in-class funds from top fund managers around the world.
Like what you’re seeing? Confirm your portfolio.
No lock-ins. No commitments. Choose to invest later if you’re not ready.
Sit back, relax and watch your money grow.
Our Investment Office tracks the funds in your portfolio regularly to ensure that they are continuously optimized.

Expert investing for all of us.

Asia’s leading fee-only digital wealth platform, providing expert personalised advice, institutional access to best-in-class funds, and low fair fees, so everyone can invest better.


What is the cut-off date for me to participate in the lucky draw?

The cut-off date for Round 1 is 30 November 2023, and Round 2 is 31 December 2023.

What if I have already created an account with Endowus? Can I still participate?

Yes you can! We want to make this lucky draw available to everyone. You can participate by investing a min. of $5,000 or referring loved ones to Endowus.

What will happen to my chances in Round 1 if I don't win anything?

Great news, we will roll over your qualifying actions within the period of the first round to the second round, so that you have another chance of winning!

Does the $5,000 investment have to be in a one-time investment in a single goal?

No it doesn't! The new investment may also be made using any or a combination of a recurring or one-time investment into any existing or new goal, using your cash, CPF or SRS.

For example, if you have a monthly recurring investment of $500, you can choose to top-up an additional $4,500 through a one-time investment of any form to meet the $5,000 investment criteria.

What constitutes a successful referral?

A referral is considered successful when the referee creates a new account through your referral code and invests a minimum of $1,000 by the end of each lucky draw round.

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