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Be better prepared for retirement with the Endowus CPF Calculator

Retirement planning with CPF made easier with Singapore's first CPF digital advisor


Get your personalised CPF retirement plan

Find out if you can retire comfortably at your desired retirement age with your desired monthly income — no matter what that means for you. Understand the decisions you can make immediately to start planning for your retirement using the Endowus CPF Calculator

Only 53% of Singaporeans plan to use CPF for retirement.

43% of the survey participants are aware that CPF can be used for retirement, but are not planning to use/do not use CPF for retirement. Despite having up to 37% of their gross salary being allocated into CPF, CPF is underutilised for its main purpose, retirement. More awareness of the impact of using CPF effectively is needed to help Singaporeans better plan for their retirement.

39% are not confident about retirement adequacy.

Even though Singapore’s retirement income system is ranked top in Asia, many Singaporeans are still not confident that they will have sufficient funds for retirement. Women (55%) are less likely to be confident than man (67%), showing that there may be gender inequality due to pay gap and lower financial literacy.

54% wants to understand the impact of their financial decisions.

Although many Singaporeans are not reliant on CPF for retirement, they are more keen to use a tool to understand the impact of their financial decision around CPF, over a tool that helps to estimate their retirement income or predict their short/long term CPF balance. This shows a desire to make better financial decisions beyond retirement income or wealth accumulation.
Simplify retirement planning with CPF

The Endowus CPF calculator will help you determine if your desired retirement plans are achievable and feasible. This interactive tool will calculate and project how long your CPF funds can last you based on your current CPF balance, future CPF contributions from income, and desired retirement age and lifestyle.

The calculator takes into account all the complexities around how CPF interest rates are calculated and compounded, and how CPF contributions are calculated for bonuses.

Understand how CPF LIFE can support your desired retirement income

Get an estimate of the CPF LIFE monthly payouts you can receive and start planning for your retirement taking into account your CPF income, and your desired retirement income, after taking into account inflation.

Find out how long your CPF withdrawable balance can last with and without investing your CPF.

Understand the impact of CPF Investing and earlier retirement

The calculator helps determine how much more you can grow your wealth through CPF OA investments. We use an estimated return based on a 60% equities, 40% bonds portfolio (60:40). You can also tweak your desired retirement age and see how it impacts your retirement.

Learn how to better use your CPF for housing needs and financial planning

We will send a detailed personalised report to your email, sharing how the different balances in your CPF account over the next few years so that you can better plan for your housing purchases and other financial plans. You can also learn how certain financial decisions, such as retiring later or using more cash for your mortgage, can affect your retirement adequacy.

Accounts for your current CPF balances
Factors in future CPF contributions from your salary
Considers your mortgage payments and duration
Includes CPF additional interest and CPF contribution limit
Projects how much you can use and withdraw from CPF at age 55
Estimates your CPF LIFE payout
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Frequently asked questions

How can the Endowus CPF calculator help with my retirement planning?

The Endowus CPF calculator takes into account your key personal CPF details, such as your age, income, CPF balances and mortgage to project your withdrawable CPF balance at retirement and beyond.

If you want to see more than the standard output, share your email address with us and we will send you an in-depth personalised report on how your CPF balance will change in the near term and at retirement, and how you can make changes to your financial plans to better plan for your retirement.

When can I withdraw from my CPF account, and how much?

You will be able to withdraw from your CPF Ordinary Account (OA) and/or Special Account (SA) when you are 55 years old or older. 

You can withdraw:

1.) up to $5,000 from your CPF OA or SA, if you have not meet your full retirement sum or

2.) your remaining CPF savings after you have set aside your FRS in your Retirement Account

The FRS can be set aside by up to 50% (the CPF Basic Retirement Sum) with your property value.

For the logic of the Endowus CPF calculator, we prioritise the formation of the FRS above any subsequent retirement cash flow income.

What is the projected change in CPF FRS and payout from FRS?

The current CPF FRS is at $186,000 in 2021, and is expected to increase to $192,000 in 2022. Based on historical changes in FRS, we project and estimate that CPF FRS will increase by 3% p.a. We assume that the growth of retirement income/ payout will also be 3%.

Do I need to invest my CPF to retire well?

There are many ways to plan for retirement, and investing your CPF is one of the possible ways to grow your wealth to be better prepared for retirement.

If you prefer to make use of CPF for risk-free interest, there are also other sources for retirement wealth and income that you can grow. You can rely on SRS and your cash holdings and investments to plan for your retirement.

For CPF members who have built up a significant sum of their wealth in cash and investments outside of CPF, they may not need to rely on CPF for their retirement income, and hence do not need to rely on CPF investments. They can still use CPF LIFE as an annuity product to provide income to diversify their retirement income source.

How accurate are the projections made on the Endowus CPF calculator?

The Endowus CPF calculator is reliant on the accuracy of CPF members’ inputs, and assumptions made on investment returns, CPF Full Retirement Sum (FRS), and Basic Healthcare Sum (BHS) growth rates for it to give a robust projection. 

There are also assumptions made with regards to CPF policies and interest rates remaining the same. 

The calculator takes into account all publicly available information on CPF, and takes into account the different CPF contribution limits for different age groups.

What is the investment risk involved with CPF investing?

Unlike CPF returns which are guaranteed by the Singapore government, CPF investing comes with investment risk, as with all investments. The projected investment returns is 6.6% p.a. and returns could be negative over shorter periods of time.

The calculator does not take into account variance in investment returns, and instead assumes that investment returns are consistent across the years. The calculator therefore does not take into account the sequence of returns risk when CPF members draw down on their portfolios for retirement income.

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