We are always working to bring the best-in-class funds and portfolios to fulfil your needs on Fund Smart. Here are 14 new funds added in July. We have classified the funds according to their asset classes, sectors, or themes for your browsing — Equity, Fixed Income, Healthcare, Real Assets, Technology, and Thematics.

The new funds are managed by top global fund managers such as AllianceBernstein ("AB"), Allianz, BlackRock, Eastspring, Fidelity, Harris Associates (affiliate of Natixis), Janus Henderson, PIMCO, Thematics Asset Management ("Thematics AM", affiliate of Natixis), and UBS Global Asset Management.

Equity Funds

BlackRock BGF European Equity Income

ISIN: LU2357541858 (SGD)

The Fund offers a balanced and disciplined exposure to quality, growth, and income through investing in European equities, and is managed by a deep bench of portfolio managers and analysts.

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Harris Associates Global Equity Fund

ISIN: LU0648000940 (SGD Class R/A, for Cash), LU1201861165 (SGD Class P/A, for CPF)

The Fund uses a contrarian, value-oriented, and quality-focused investment process to give exposure to mid-to-large cap businesses around the world, and is managed by a team of veteran PMs with an average experience of 30 years.

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Harris Associates US Equity Fund

ISIN: LU0980610538 (SGD Class H-R/A for Cash), LU1201861249 (SGD Class H-P/A for CPF)

The Fund uses a contrarian, value-oriented, and quality-focused investment process to give exposure to mid-to-large cap businesses in the US, and is managed by a PM team with an average experience of 20 years.

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UBS US Total Yield Fund

ISIN: LU1257167418 (SGD)

The Fund, managed by a PM team with an average experience of 21 years, focuses on delivering above-average total yield consisting of dividend payout and share buybacks by using a rules-based system in stock selection and portfolio construction that helps to reduce behavioural bias in investing.

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Fixed Income Funds

Eastspring Asia Sustainable Bond Fund

ISIN: LU2347918182 (SGD)

As the first Asia ESG bond fund on the market for retail investors, the Fund combines Eastspring’s expertise in the Asia fixed income space with their ESG capabilities, and employs a disciplined and well-articulated ESG process. The Fund has delivered the best risk-adjusted performance among peers.

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PIMCO GIS US High Yield Bond Fund

ISIN: IE000S3T92E2 (SGD)

The Fund provides a diversified exposure to the US high yield market by employing a long term, total return approach with a focus on reducing downside risk, and runs on a highly institutionalised investment process that leverages on the experienced PM team and PIMCO’s firm-wide research capabilities.

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Healthcare Funds

AB International Health Care Portfolio Fund

ISIN: LU0289739699 (SGD)

The Fund is a quality-focused portfolio of high-conviction healthcare stocks diversified across sectors and geography that has offered superior risk-adjusted returns over the long term, and is managed by a highly experienced team specialising in healthcare investing with an average experience of more than 25 years.

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Janus Henderson Global Life Sciences Fund


The Fund, run by a dedicated team of healthcare analysts and PMs with backgrounds in related fields (e.g. PhDs), is a well-balanced portfolio across Core, Emerging, and Opportunistic buckets, and especially has a good exposure to biotechnology companies and private companies, which is uncommon among peers.

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Allianz Thematica Fund

ISIN: LU2023250843 (SGD)

The Fund has exposure to 5-7 different themes selected by a rigorous process, benefiting from multiple alpha levers including active theme selection and rotation. Some of the current themes include next generation energy, pet economy, clean water and land, artificial intelligence, health tech, and digitalisation.

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BlackRock BGF Nutrition Fund

ISIN: LU0827888081 (SGD)

The Fund uses a clearly-defined investment universe that captures the long-term growing, buying, and eating trends across the food supply chain, with the flexibility to allocate to new markets and disruptors. The Fund is ESG-integrated and aligned to several UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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Thematics Meta Fund

ISIN: LU2125909593 (SGD)

The Fund invests in companies that fall under Thematics AM’s Artificial Intelligence & Robotics, Safety, Subscription Economy, and Water strategies, offering a diversified exposure to multiple themes that have the potential to grow at a rate superior to that of the broader global economy.

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Thematics Safety Fund

ISIN: LU2125909916 (SGD)

The Fund invests in a unique yet clearly-formulated theme of “Safety” based on several secular growth trends such as safety in the “digital world” and “real world”, and is run by a team from Thematics AM with strong expertise in thematic investing.

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Thematics Subscription Economy Fund

ISIN: LU2210150020 (SGD)

The Fund invests in various areas of its Subscription Economy theme, offering a unique exposure to companies offering products and services with a subscription model. These include online, offline, B2C, and B2B, which are naturally more defensive due to their higher visibility of future cash flows.

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Technology Funds

Fidelity Global Technology Fund

ISIN: LU1823568750 (SGD)

The Fund offers a balanced allocation across companies in Growth, Cyclical, and Special Situation buckets to obtain exposure to various opportunities in multiple market cycles. About half of its resulting allocation is in companies with less growth and momentum characteristics, which sets the Fund apart from its peers in technology investing.

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