Find out more about how Endowus helps to improve your chance of retirement with its latest CPF offering, the Infinity Vanguard Global Stock Index Fund.

With 1673 underlying equities, the Infinity Vanguard Global Stock Index will give Endowus CPF investors an even more diversified, low-cost exposure to the developed markets, as a part of its globally diversified portfolio for CPF offering.

During this session, Sam Rhee, Endowus' Chairman and Chief Investment Officer, will share his strategy behind the portfolio of products available for CPF investing, and how our latest offering will make the added difference. He will also compare our latest offering  against what’s available, and answer any questions from the viewers live.

2:01 Summary of content  

2:45 How has Endowus got here and our mission

10:17 How we advise, build, execute and maintain your portfolio

16:00 Introducing the Infinity Vanguard Global Stock Index Fund for CPF investing

22:55 Why is Endowus investing in funds other than S&P 500 and index funds?

28:44 Why doesn't Endowus use ETFs?

32:25: Why not use a Vanguard fund directly?

35:19 About the TER cap for passive funds in CPF, and the unavailability of UCITS ETF

39:00 How we keep your funds safe

44:10 Lowest cost of having a CPF Managed Portfolio solution  

49:55 Question about how Endowus does asset allocation for equities exposure

58:50  Cost matters

1:09:53 Why investing your CPF matters

1:19:54 The sustainability of Endowus as a business

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