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Endowus Income Portfolios series

Jun 2022
Jan 2022
Endowus Income Portfolios series

Endowus Income Portfolios series

We recently launched Endowus Income Portfolios, a suite of unique life stage-based solutions designed to generate passive income — while preserving or even growing your capital for the future.

Whether you’re planning for a home, a new car, or an additional income stream for retirement, there’s something tailored for your life stage and risk appetite.

To help you better understand these solutions, the Endowus Investment Office have closely collaborated with key partner fund management firms to curate and produce the Endowus Income Portfolio series — a series of exclusive webinars with insights into income investing strategies and perspectives.

Introducing our all-new Endowus Income Portfolios

When it comes to investing for passive income, there seems to be an overwhelming range of options available. Anything from investments like bonds, dividend stocks and CPF LIFE to financial products like annuities, income funds and REITs are available for retail investors to consider.

While some financial products are marketed to give high, stable returns, they come with their own restrictions, hidden fees and other drawbacks. Meanwhile the industry doesn’t make it easy to optimise for individual needs like more stability, higher payouts or greater growth.

Find out how our Income Portfolios have revolutionised the way you can better invest for passive income, effortlessly and inexpensively. We will cover:

  1. Common income solutions and their pros and cons
  2. Our new range of Endowus Income Portfolios
  3. How to decide which approach to income investing works best for you
  4. Our approach to portfolio construction for income investing
  5. How we manage our portfolios on an ongoing basis

Fixed income investing — avoid it or double down amid rate hikes?

The hunt for yield in a low interest rate environment is a key challenge for all types of investors in the fixed income market. Whether you are a retiree or a risk averse investor looking for stable payouts, or want to balance immediate income needs with a desire to grow your wealth, Endowus’ new Income Portfolios were designed for the different demographic segments at different life stages and to meet their needs for passive income.

As part of this new launch, we have invited four great speakers from the leading global fund management firms who were our partners in the new portfolio design and construction. We will discuss how income investing could be the solution for fixed income in volatile markets and periods of rising interest rates, as we also explore why we selected these underlying funds as building blocks for your income portfolios. Our speakers will also share their latest insights and key strategies behind fixed income investing for 2022.

Join Samuel Rhee, Chief Investment Officer of Endowus, and Yulin Liu, Investment Lead of Endowus, along with leading investment professionals from our partner fund management firms. Topics to be discussed include:

1. Introduction of our partner firms, their fixed income capabilities and product strategies

2. The fixed income market outlook for 2022

3. What are the different perspectives on growth (credit risk) vs inflation and interest rate (duration risk) from our partner fund management firms?

4. Where does income investing fit into the overall fixed income strategy?

5. Opportunities and risks across different fixed income sectors

6. Where are the best opportunities in fixed income for 2022?

7. Unpacking the hidden tail-risks of the fixed income market

About our guest speakers

Alan Yip, CFA, Managing Director, Head of Portfolio Solutions, Asia-Pacific

Alan Yip, CFA, Managing Director, joined the firm in 2019. Alan is Head of Portfolio Solutions - Asia Pacific, based in Hong Kong and serves as a representative for different product teams in Neuberger Berman in Asia.

He joined the firm from J.P. Morgan Asset Management where he was the Head of Asia Insurance Strategy. He specialized in delivering strategic asset allocation, asset-liability management and other analytical solutions to insurance clients and prospects in Asia. Before that, Alan ran the Asset Liability Management department in Ageas Insurance (Hong Kong). Prior to joining Ageas, he worked in the Asset Liability Management Team at Morgan Stanley, where he was responsible for structuring ALM solutions for insurance companies in Asia. He also worked for Swiss Re and Tillinghast. Alan is a CFA Charter holder and a member of CPA Australia. He is also a Fellow of both the Institute of Actuaries (FIA) and the Institute of Actuaries of Australia (FIAA).

Gordon Harding, Vice-President and Fixed Income Strategist

Mr. Harding is a vice president and fixed income strategist in the London office, focusing on multi-sector fixed income strategies. Prior to joining PIMCO in 2019, he was a fixed income specialist at UBS Asset Management, covering global rates, global credit, and unconstrained strategies.

Prior to that, he spent more than 12 years on M&G Investments' fixed income team, most recently as an investment director, communicating the team's fixed income strategies to a wide range of clients and prospects. He has 17 years of investment experience and holds an undergraduate degree in economics and public policy from Leeds Beckett University in the U.K.

Arnaud F. Mounier, Managing Director, Head of Fixed Income Business Development

Arnaud Mounier is the Managing Director and Head of Fixed Income Business Development in Asia. He also serves as a member of the Global Insurance Solution team. Prior to joining the firm in April 2015, Mounier was regional chief investment officer for AXA insurance companies across Asia ex Japan from 2010 to 2015, and director for structured credit at Crédit Agricole CIB in Hong Kong from 2007 to 2009.

He started his career in 1999 at AXA Investment Managers Paris, where he held a variety of roles, including quantitative fixed-income analyst, high-yield portfolio manager and senior credit structurer. Mounier holds an MS in applied mathematics from École Nationale Supérieure d’Informatique et de Mathématiques Appliquées de Grenoble. Location: Hong Kong

Giselle Lai, Associate Investment Director, Asian Fixed Income, Hong Kong

Giselle Lai is an Associate Investment Director based in Hong Kong. She has been part of the Investment Directing team of Asian Fixed Income, covering Asian Investment Grade, China bonds and HK MPF funds since 2018. Giselle joined Fidelity as a graduate associate and gained experience across Multi-Asset Investment Directing, Institutional Business & Consultant Relations and Intermediary Sales in Singapore.

Giselle holds a BSc degree in Economics and Finance from the University of Hong Kong and is also a CFA charter holder. She is fluent in English, Mandarin and Cantonese.

Dividend investing through equity funds

Many investors and income solutions rely heavily on high dividend stocks and equity funds to boost pay-outs while enjoying moderate capital appreciation. While S-REITs and SGX high dividend stocks are familiar to many Singaporeans, investing globally for dividends is something new to many investors.

With the launch of the new Endowus Income Portfolios, we have invited four great speakers from the leading global fund management firms who were our partners in the new portfolio design and construction. The collaboration on this exclusive equities focused webinar brings you some of the latest insights and key strategies behind dividend investing and the overall equities markets for 2022. We also explore why we have selected these underlying funds as building blocks for your income portfolios.

Join Samuel Rhee, Chief Investment Officer of Endowus, and Yulin Liu, Investment Lead of Endowus, along with leading investment professionals from our partner fund management firms, in the next part of the Endowus Income Portfolios series. Topics to be discussed include:

  1. Introduction of our partner firms, portfolios and their equities capabilities
  2. What is the overall equities market outlook for 2022?
  3. How the macro environment of today compares to 2020, 2018 and 2013
  4. Dividend investing in 2022, and how the rate hikes can impact dividend stocks
  5. What’s better for income? Perspectives between dividend stocks and fixed income

About our guest speakers

Alexander Treves, Managing Director, Head of Emerging Markets and Asia Pacific (EMAP) Equities Investment Specialists, Asia

Alexander Treves, Managing Director, is the Head of the Investment Specialist team in Asia within the Emerging Markets and Asia Pacific (EMAP) Equities team, based in Hong Kong. An employee since 2017, Alexander has worked in asset management for over 20 years. His previous roles include Head of Japanese Equities (Tokyo), Head of Indian Investments (Mumbai), and Head of Japanese Research (Tokyo) for Fidelity International. He also served for several years as an equity analyst and portfolio manager in London and Singapore for Merrill Lynch Investment Managers (formerly Mercury Asset Management). Alexander obtained a B.A. in History of Art from Cambridge University and is a CFA Charterholder.

Ben Sheehan, Senior Investment Specialist, Equities

Ben Sheehan is Senior Investment Specialist, Equities at abrdn and is based in Australia. Ben is responsible for working closely with the Asia Pacific equities and distribution teams to ensure investment knowledge transfer internally and externally, and help drive the firm’s commercial strategy.

Prior to joining abrdn in 2019, Ben worked at HSBC Asset Management in Hong Kong for 12 years in various roles including senior specialist and research roles. He also worked for Standard & Poor’s and Aviva in Research roles in Australia. He has 19 years of industry experience and holds a BA (Indonesian) and BCom (Finance).

Lisa Lim, Associate Director, Intermediary Business

Lisa Lim is the Associate Director, Intermediary Business for First Sentier Investors (‘FSI’). Lisa joined FSI in May 2014 and is responsible for further establishing the intermediary business relationship with existing partners as well as developing new opportunities within Singapore and across Southeast Asia. Lisa has more than 10 years of experience in the financial industry.

Prior to joining FSI, Lisa has held various relationship management roles in the banking industry. Lisa holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of Melbourne.

Lucie Weigel, Vice President and Product Strategist, Fundamental Equity Group, Europe

Lucie Weigel, Vice President and product strategist, is a member of the European team within BlackRock's Fundamental Equity Group. As a product strategist, she provides a link between the investment team and account managers. Lucie joined BlackRock in 2015 and had previously worked for a financial think tank in London. She earned a BA degree from the University of Osnabrueck (Germany) and a MSc from the University of Edinburgh (United Kingdom).


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