Webinar: The income advantage: Latest enhancements to the Endowus Income Portfolios
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Webinar: The income advantage: Latest enhancements to the Endowus Income Portfolios

Nov 2023
Nov 2023
Webinar: The income advantage: Latest enhancements to the Endowus Income Portfolios

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  • 00:00 - Introduction
  • 03:54 - Which income portfolio is the most suitable for me?
  • 06:27 - What the current interest rate environment means for your income portfolios
  • 08:59 - Adjustments made to strategic asset allocation for income portfolios
  • 10:46 - Upgraded portfolios have improved historical risk-adjusted return
  • 14:12 - We enhanced the fund manager diversification of these portfolios
  • 13:57 - The income portfolios now have even lower investment fees
  • 15:00 - Payout targets continue to remain competitive
  • 16:24 - What are the new allocations?
  • 21:29 - How can I opt in to the recommendations?
  • 26:30 - Q&A: Why the recent allocation away from Asia?
  • 29:55 - Q&A: Is de-risking required given expectations for Fed to reduce rates?
  • 32:05 - Q&A: What do I do with payouts of the income portfolios?

About the session

The Endowus Income Portfolios are crafted with a unique life-stage approach, tailored to meet diverse investor needs in both passive income and long-term growth.

The Endowus Investment Office consistently conducts periodic reviews of its portfolios under the SMART+ framework and as part of Endowus' ongoing commitment to optimising your portfolios, we are implementing several enhancements to all three of the Endowus Income Portfolios in our latest recommended portfolio change (RPC).

These changes have been carefully considered in response to a significant shift in the interest rate environment, with rates rising to higher levels in most parts of the world.

Endowus warmly invites you to a live interactive webinar with So Sin Ting, Chief Client Officer, together with Yulin Liu, Investment Lead, as they share more about the latest upgrades made to your income portfolios and discuss:

  1. Key improvements made to the Endowus Income Portfolios
  2. How we enhanced diversification without compromising payout targets
  3. What are the new changes to the underlying portfolio allocations
  4. What is the right income investing solution for you?
  5. How to accept and proceed with these new portfolio upgrades 

There will be a Q&A segment at the end of the session. Submit your questions ahead of time here.

About the speakers

So Sin Ting, Chief Client Officer, Endowus

So Sin Ting is Chief Client Officer at Endowus, Asia’s leading digital wealth platform.

Sin Ting brings over 15 years of experience in the wealth management industry at leading banks across Hong Kong and Singapore, including Morgan Stanley and Nomura.

Sin Ting wants to make the best of investing accessible to everyone, and to bring best-in-class investment products and solutions to retail and accredited investors at scale through Endowus. In her current role, she leverages her extensive wealth management experience to deliver a client-first hybrid investing experience through an intuitive digital platform and  efficient, multi-channel advisory support.  She believes Endowus plays an important role in empowering people with the right financial knowledge, to help them overcome misinformation, choice overload, and decision paralysis in the world of investing.

Despite her experience in wealth management, Sin Ting found it challenging to manage her own personal wealth in a holistic manner. Through Endowus, she hopes to spread financial literacy and enable investors to make informed decisions about their own financial future.

Yulin Liu, Investment Lead, Endowus

Yulin Liu is the Investment Lead at Endowus. Yulin focuses on investment due diligence and portfolio construction, and coordinates with other departments on investment-related matters. She is a member of the Investment Committee and is passionate about making investing more accessible and easier for individuals.

Her most recent role was with AQR Capital Management, where she served major institutional investors across Asia in their investment and portfolio monitoring needs.

Yulin holds a Masters in Financial Analysis (Distinction) from London Business School, and a MEng in Engineering, Economics and Management (First Class Honours) from the University of Oxford.

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Webinar: The income advantage: Latest enhancements to the Endowus Income Portfolios

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