Get updated about the latest residential property plans in Singapore in 2022, and how to manage your life goals better.

Despite the wage stagnation and economic hardship caused by COVID-19, Singapore property prices have still been climbing to new highs, with a record number of million dollar HDB flats transacting in the past year. Further, property cooling measures in terms of stamp duty and the tightening of the Total Debt Servicing Ratio (TDSR) have led to concerns of how property prices may be unsustainable.

With these measures in place, what is the property market outlook for 2022, and how can Singaporeans better plan for retirement?

About the speakers

Marcus Chu

Mr Marcus Chu is the CEO for ERA, the largest international real estate agency in Singapore with over 18,000 trusted advisers across 10 countries in Asia Pacific region. He is also an industry veteran with over two decades of experience.

Prior to his management role, he was a stellar salesperson himself, winning the Top Rookie Salesperson award as well as Top Achiever and Top Team Leader accolades during his time doing personal sales and team building.

As a pioneer game-changer in our industry, Marcus has popularised the team-building career path by developing many new initiatives such as the career commission scheme for team leaders, recruiting initiatives, technology tools, training programmes, and developing many of today’s elite team leaders in the industry.

Gregory Van

Greg started his career at UBS in the investment bank covering private equity and venture capital firms in the Asia Pacific region. He subsequently joined GrabTaxi (now Grab) where he started the payments business and ran technology partnerships.When it came to investing, Greg found a lack of access to products, incredibly high fees, no advice, and a poor user experience. Combining his finance and technology experience, he found like-minded partners to attack the problem head on, which spawned Endowus.

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