Value investing: Should you stay the course?
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Value investing: Should you stay the course?

Jun 2024
May 2024
Value Investing: Should you stay the course?

About the session

This webinar is brought to you by Endowus in partnership with Natixis Investment Managers

In an era where 50% of the S&P 500 index weight is represented by asset-light business, with Magnificent 7 stocks still dominating investors’ minds, how should the value investor adapt to this? In addition to looking for “cheap stocks”, what other criteria should investors look out for in companies when making value factors relevant in investors portfolios? 

Join us in an exclusive webinar with Laura Rieber, Investment Specialist for Harris Associates, an award-winning manager specialising in value investing within Natixis Investment Managers, and Min Axthelm, Director of Investment Research at Endowus as they explore how investors can balance and diversify their overall portfolio while ensuring that they stay disciplined and invested for the long-term in today’s markets. 

  • What is value investing and what it means for a US equity manager? 
  • Harris Associates’ definition of value, investing discipline and core philosophy
  • Why do we need value investing while navigating market highs?
  • How to identify undervalued investment while maintaining a long-term investing horizon

There will be a Q&A segment at the end of the session.


0:00 - Introduction
5:41 - US equities: the current state and the AI rally
8:00 - Defining value investing
22:45 - Assessing companies through a value investor's lens
33:53 - Recessionary fears and how to adapt
41:38 - How to apply diversification in equity portfolios
46:50 - Lessons learnt: Common mistakes value investors make
52:30 - Is there still value in US equities?

About the speakers

Min Axthelm

Director of Investment Research, Endowus

Min Axthelm is the Director of Investment Research at Endowus, Asia’s leading digital wealth platform. 

In her current role, Min drives the Endowus Group Investment Office’s efforts on research and content creation on the macro market and asset allocation, portfolio construction and optimisation, as well as investment manager due diligence. She also works closely with Endowus’ Product team on product research and development.

Min has more than a decade of experience in the wealth industry, including fund manager due diligence and asset management. She joined Endowus from Morgan Stanley in New York, where she was Lead Analyst with its Wealth Management Global Investment Office. There, she oversaw the due diligence process from inception to completion for US Equity strategies and mutual funds.

Laura Rieber

Investment Specialist, Natixis Investment Managers

Laura Rieber is an Investment Specialist with Natixis Investment Managers and joined the firm in February 2018. She is based in Singapore and covers Harris Associates products for the Asia Pacific region.

Prior to joining the company, Mrs Rieber was a Senior Investment Director with Cambridge Associates in Singapore, where she advised Asia-based institutional clients on asset allocation and investment manager selection. She also previously worked for the Mergers & Acquisitions group of UBS Investment Bank in New York and for Cambridge Associates in Boston.

Laura Rieber has an MBA from MIT Sloan School of Management (2009) and a BA in Economics and Math from Mount Holyoke College (2004).


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Value Investing: Should you stay the course?

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