It’s the start of another year, and with it, another set of New Year’s resolutions. Especially in uncertain times like these, New Year’s resolutions can empower us to take charge of the positive change we wish to see in our lives

We all want to get better at eating healthy, exercising regularly, spending more time with our loved ones and managing our money, yet 80% of New Year's Resolutions fail by the middle of February.

Perhaps it’s time to take a different approach. This New Year, make a resolution that brings all your other resolutions within closer reach. Whether it’s health, career, or more time with family, starting with financial security helps enable everything else. While we can’t promise a solution for all those goals, here are 4 ways using Endowus can help you make progress on your financial resolutions,so that you can focus on the more important things in your life.

We simplify the process

Investing IS complex: there are many differing and conflicting views on how best to approach it. This makes it daunting for beginners to start investing and stick to a consistent approach.

In this day and age, with technology being used to deliver personalised solutions for all aspects of our lives, we can also use it to help us invest better. At Endowus, we combine the best minds of the finance and technology industries to provide access to the best investment products, delivered efficiently to you.

The process is simple:

  1. Create an account with us
  2. Fill up a short questionnaire to help us assess your risk tolerance
  3. Sit back as we build your globally diversified portfolio using funds from reputable fund managers such as Dimensional, PIMCO and Vanguard, for you to start investing with.
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We bring you convenience

Imagine starting a gym membership but at a location that requires an hour of travel time. Sticking to your routine would take too much effort. Help yourself achieve your goals by making it as convenient as possible.

Endowus is the only all-in-one advisory platform that can help you invest your CPF, SRS and Cash monies. This means that you only need to go through 1 application process, 1 platform’s interface, and understand 1 platform’s investment approach, bringing you 1 step closer to your year’s goal to manage your investments better.

Just like the different gym packages offered, our range of products also caters to a wide spectrum of financial goals, from short term cash management goals (by using Endowus Cash Smart), to long term investing or even retirement goals with CPF/SRS investing.

With one app, we deliver advised portfolios, seamlessly serving all your cash and investment needs, bringing you the convenience that will help you stick to your resolution a lot longer.

We ensure that you stay focused on your plan

“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail” - One reason why people fail in their investment resolutions is the lack of discipline to consistently execute on their investment plans.

Through our goal-setting process, you are able to visualise and quantify the results after investing consistently over a period of time. Knowing the distance to the finish line, and what it takes to get there, helps overcome the mental barriers to starting.

Endowus clients can also easily set up a regular savings plan, where money is transferred monthly into their Endowus cash investment, or automatically deducted from their CPF / SRS account. This automated investing process keeps you on track with your periodic investing plans without any micro-managing on your part.

We ensure that you save every penny possible

You don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket to get started. Not only are Endowus fees competitive and GST-inclusive, there are also no hidden fees and charges involved.

You can invest in Endowus’s globally diversified portfolios without incurring any foreign exchange fees, as the standard advised portfolios are denominated in Singapore dollars. Further, any currency conversion will be executed at the fund manager level where it is done most cost-efficiently, and have already been included in the fund cost.

Note: Some other platforms may charge you exchange clearing fees, trading fees and foreign currency conversion fees, so do go through your fees clearly.

Now that you understand how Endowus can help you get closer to your new year’s resolution, you can set up an account here and work towards your goal in less than 10 minutes.

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