Webinar: Family finance - sowing seeds for the future
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Webinar: Family finance - sowing seeds for the future

May 28, 2020

Learn about investment mindsets, setting financial goals for yourself and your family, and other personal finance tips as a parent.

Young Singaporean families have different personal finance considerations when it comes to managing downside risks and long term investment goals. Also, being time-strapped as corporate individuals, they have limited attention and energy to spend on researching and executing investment initiatives to better plan for family finances.

During this session, You Ning, Endowus Co-CEO and CFO, together with Dawn Fiona Cher, SG Budget Babe, share their changing priorities as they set their financial goals as young parents. They also share insights on how to maximise government grants for children, and how they execute their strategies despite their busy schedules - to invest for a better tomorrow.

3:02 Overview of topics

5:24 Protecting of your financial downsides as a parent

10:04 Inflation risk as a financial downside

11:05 Financial goals as a parent

16:40 Dawn's money experience growing up

21:11 How much money do we need for retirement?

24:55 Being discerning about tips from forums and social media

35:30 Topping up your kids' CDA as a priority

37:05 Start investing early; how cost matters

40:48 Stock picking and active investing as a parent

47:08 Passive investing as a parent

51:02 Time in the market versus timing the market; diversification

58:20 Setting investment goals for children

1:05:22 QnA

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