37% of your monthly salary goes into your CPF. Are the 2.5% returns from CPF sufficient for retirement? How should you leverage your CPF money to better plan for retirement?

Sin Ting, our Chief Client Officer, and Sheng Shi, our Personal Finance Lead will share:

  1. An introduction to the world of CPF
  2. Why "Pay Yourself First"?
  3. What we can do with CPF
  4. Strategies to maximising your CPF
  5. CPF priorities by age group

6:19 How much do we contribute into CPF ?
9:08 "Pay yourself first" concept in budgeting
10:52 How CPF make us "pay ourselves first"
12:00 Why we often associate CPF with housing  
14:50 Different types of CPF accounts, and what we can do with CPF
17:04 Question from a viewer - is it better to do a transfer from OA to SA or to invest?
19:48 Different in OA monies with investing, transferring to SA, and not doing anything
21:55 Maximising your CPF
24:28 What can I invest my CPF in?
31:05 CPF priorities for the young
32:50 CPF priorities for the mid-career
36:08 CPF priorities for the cruisers
39:27 QnA