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Access top funds among the 200+ best-in-class unit trusts now available on Endowus Fund Smart

Access top funds among the 200+ best-in-class unit trusts now available on Endowus Fund Smart



AllianceBernstein L.P. (“AB”) has been appointed by the management company of the Fund, AllianceBernstein (Luxembourg) S.à r.l. as the Investment Manager for the Portfolios. AllianceBernstein Hong Kong Limited (“ABHK”), a subsidiary of AB, is the Hong Kong Representative of the Fund. ABHK is licensed to carry out the regulated activities of dealing and advising in securities, dealing and advising in futures contracts and asset management.

AB is a leading global investment-management and research firm, operating in 26 countries and jurisdictions, with US$646.6 billion in assets under management globally (as of 31 December 2022). We’re fully invested in being a firm that clients can trust to deliver better outcomes, whether they’re individual investors or the world’s biggest institutions. We bring together a wide range of insights, expertise and innovations to advance the interests of our clients. And we’re doing it responsibly—from how we act to how we invest—because outcomes mean more than financial returns. By tapping a global network of diverse perspectives, we design innovation solutions tailored to meet investors’ unique needs and engineered to deliver the performance they expect. ABHK was named Best Retail House and Best Investor Education in the 2023 Asia Asset Management Best of the Best Awards.



Global Presence with Investment Capabilities

AB’s global footprint fosters differentiated insights, which translates into a broad range of innovative solutions across equities, fixed- income, alternatives and multi-asset strategies. At AB, we also act and invest responsibly, striving to create better outcomes for the clients we serve, the communities where we work, and the world we live in. An expansive network of research, portfolio management, wealth management and client service offices across six continents keeps us globally connected and in touch with local needs, allowing our teams to collaborate across asset classes and investment strategies to spark new thinking and deliver superior outcomes, as well as cultivate strong relationships with distribution partners in local markets.



ABSL  was named Best Retail House in the 2020 Asia Asset Management Best of the  Best Awards.

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Endowus 獲香港證監會發牌,並嚴格遵守香港證監會規定的客戶資金規則和客戶證券規則。您的資金都將存放在滙豐的客戶資金戶口中,戶口裡的資金僅用於客户投資,並與Endowus的資產完全分開

Access top funds among the 200+ best-in-class unit trusts now available on Endowus Fund Smart



AllianceBernstein L.P.(簡稱“聯博”)已被基金的管理公司AllianceBernstein (Luxembourg) S.à r.l.任命為投資組合的投資經理。AllianceBernstein聯博香港有限公司(簡稱“聯博香港”),作為聯博的子公司及香港代表。聯博香港獲得許可執行證券買賣和諮詢、期貨合約交易和諮詢以及資產管理的受規管活動。聯博是一家領先的全球投資管理和研究公司,在26個國家和地區運營,全球資產管理總額達6466億美元(截至2022年12月31日)。我們全力以赴成為一家能夠讓客戶信賴、提供更好投資成果的公司,無論他們是個人投資者還是世界上最大的機構。我們匯聚廣泛的洞見、專業知識和創新,以推進我們客戶的利益。我們從我們的行為到我們的投資方式都進行負責任的投資和資產管理——因為成果意味著不僅僅是財務回報。通過利用全球多元化的觀點網絡,我們設計出創新的解決方案,量身定制以滿足投資者的獨特需求,並設計出他們期望的表現。聯博香港在2023年亞洲資產管理最佳獎中被命名為最佳零售公司和最佳投資者教育獎。