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Capital Group

In 2022, Capital Group received Morningstar’s Best Asset Manager award across 12 markets, including Hong Kong. Founded in 1931, Capital Group today is one of the largest and most experienced investment companies, managing US$2.1 trillion in assets as at 30 September 2022.

Besides developing the Capital International indices in the 1960s (now known as the MSCI Indices, maintained by MSCI Inc.), Capital Group’s successes are built on a culture marked by long-tenured investment professionals and a focus on delivering consistent and long-term results for investors.

With an integrated network of more than 450 investment professionals operating from major investment jurisdictions around the world, few firms can match Capital Group’s scale and scope.



Capital Group builds its investment strategies with durability in mind, backed by experience in varying market conditions. Many of Capital Group’s investment professionals make sizable personal investments in the strategies they manage, which further aligns their personal savings to the same outcome of returns generated for their investors.Furthermore, Capital Group’s approach to compensating analysts and portfolio managers incentivises them to aim for superior results in bear markets (a period of falling prices) as well as bull markets (rising prices).  Many of its long-tenured portfolio managers have worked through multiple market crises over the decades. While each of these crises have had different causes and characteristics, the cumulative experience of managing through them has been beneficial.


As other fund managers have come and gone, Capital Group has become one of the largest and most stable asset managers in the world. Its distinctive multi-manager approach to investing, The Capital System™, helps with succession planning, aiming to avoid key-person risk and striving to safeguard investment results over market cycles.Under The Capital System, which divides a fund into sections and gives each manager a portion of it to invest, no fund should become too dependent on a single person. In addition, while many investment firms’ analysts only recommend investments for inclusion in a fund, Capital Group’s analysts typically have the opportunity to invest in their highest conviction ideas.


Capital Group delivers a wealth of global investment solutions to its clients, explores diverse investment opportunities from multiple perspectives, and seeks to help investors profit from a wide, global investment universe.Its range of Luxembourg-domiciled strategies is purposely curated to focus on areas of the market where its analysts truly believe they can provide an insightful perspective. Capital Group’s global investing approach, alongside its globally integrated proprietary research, allows portfolio managers and investment analysts to share and invest in their best ideas. With a strong collaborative investment culture, generations of knowledge gained over multiple market cycles can provide investors with an experience advantage.