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Access top funds among the 200+ best-in-class unit trusts now available on Endowus Fund Smart

Access top funds among the 200+ best-in-class unit trusts now available on Endowus Fund Smart


Morgan Stanley IM

Morgan Stanley Investment Management (MSIM), with $1.4 trillion* in assets under management¹ as of March 31, 2023, is a client-centric organization dedicated to providing investment and risk-management solutions to a wide range of investors and institutions including corporations, pension plans, intermediaries, sovereign wealth funds, central banks, endowments and foundations, governments and consultant partners worldwide. With over four decades of asset management experience, our investment strategies span the risk/return spectrum across geographies, investment styles and asset classes, including equity, fixed income, alternatives and private markets.

MSIM offers its clients personalized attention, the intelligence and creativity of some of the brightest professionals in the industry, and access to the global resources of Morgan Stanley. With 1,349 investment professionals worldwide, and 54 offices² in 25 countries, MSIM is able to provide in-depth local knowledge and expertise while channeling the strength of our global presence and resources. To support the delivery of tailored, value-added investment solutions to clients our investment teams are organized by capability: High Conviction Equities, Active Fixed Income & Liquidity, Custom Solutions, Alternative Investments, and Sustainable Investing. Business operations provide centralized functions to support the investment teams.

1 As of March 31, 2023. Assets undermanagement (AUM) includes all discretionary and non-discretionary assets of Morgan Stanley Investment Management (MSIM) and all advisory affiliates. MSIM Fund of Fund assets represent assets under management and assets under supervision. MSIM direct private investing assets represents the basis on which the firm earns management fees, not the market value of the assets owned.

2 Eaton Vance offices in the same city as MSIM offices are counted separately. Home offices are not counted in number of offices, cities or countries. Data as of March 31, 2023.


Morgan Stanley IM

Morgan Stanley Investment Management brings innovative, highly relevant solutions for clients, consultants, and partners across the globe. We show unwavering commitment to investment excellence, diversity of perspective, and differentiated values. We have distinctive and highly complementary strengths in investment management and distribution.

Why invest with Us?

Broad range of strategies

Our diverse array of investment solutions extend across public and private markets.

Deep experience in responsible and sustainable investing

We are a leader in responsible investing with $45B+ in assets under management across equities, fixed income, alternatives, multi-asset and client-driven customised portfolios.


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Access top funds among the 200+ best-in-class unit trusts now available on Endowus Fund Smart


Morgan Stanley IM


Morgan Stanley IM