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Access top funds among the 200+ best-in-class unit trusts now available on Endowus Fund Smart

Access top funds among the 200+ best-in-class unit trusts now available on Endowus Fund Smart



Ninety One is an active, global investment manager managing US$159.3 billion in assets (as at 31.12.22). Our goal is to provide long-term investment returns for our clients while making a positive difference to people and the planet. Established in South Africa in 1991, as Investec Asset Management, the firm began as a small start-up offering domestic investments in an emerging market. In 2020, after almost three decades of organic growth, we emerged from Investec Group to become Ninety One. Our corporate structure ensures employees are stakeholders in the firm and with our founding leadership still in place, we are well positioned to offer stability and a long-term outlook for our clients. From our emerging markets roots, we learned the importance of recognising and embracing change and uncertainty. It’s taught us that active investing can be a force for good. It’s also given us a different perspective on the issues that matter – from how we invest sustainably, to the major thematic and structural challenges facing investors. We are committed to developing specialist investment teams organically. Our heritage and approach let us bring a different perspective to active and sustainable investing across equities, fixed income, multi-asset and alternatives to our clients - institutions, advisors and individual investors around the world.



At Ninety One we apply differentiated investment processes across four core asset classes; equities, multi-asset, fixed income and alternatives. Our business is supported across these core asset class offerings by specialist investment teams, each adhering to their own distinctive investment philosophy and approach. We have developed our specialist teams and capabilities organically over time, resulting in experienced and stable personnel supporting long-term strategies. We value diversity, and our operations are built on a culture of collaborating to generate long-term value for our clients.


Our range of active equity investment strategies spans global, regional, emerging and frontier markets. With our specialist investment teams, we provide distinct investment styles and return profiles to suit the different needs of our clients. Our equity proposition to clients comprises different investment approaches: Thematic, 4Factor, Quality, and Value.

  • Thematic Equity strategies cover a range of sustainable equity strategies as well as broader natural resources and gold strategies, with a common focus on bottom-up security selection, the consideration of sustainability throughout the process, concentrated and high conviction portfolio construction, and an involved approach to company engagement.
  • Our 4Factor team are fundamental active investors harnessing technology. They are scrutinising companies against four alpha-generating characteristics combining traditional financial characteristics (Value and Strategy) with behavioural finance (Earnings and Technicals).
  • Our Quality team look for the best opportunities among quality companies. Our differentiated Quality approach focuses on companies with enduring competitive advantages, disciplined capital allocation and sustainable cash flows, that are attractively valued.
  • Our Value team seeks to understand why conventional wisdom might be wrong. Believing that investors’ most predictable behaviour is to overreact to negative news, the team buys shares in companies when sentiment towards them is very poor and valuations appear cheap.


Ninety One’s multi-asset offerings cover a range of actively managed global and regional strategies, aimed at delivering various growth or income outcomes, as well as different risk-return outcomes, through total return and benchmark relative approaches. These strategies invest around the world in a mix of different assets, including equities, government bonds (both developed and emerging), corporate bonds (both investment grade and high yield), active currency, volatility markets and selective commodities. The strategies take an integrated approach to security selection and asset allocation insights, with a cross-asset focus on positive and negative externalities.

Fixed Income

Our focus has always been on investment opportunities that can provide the return that justifies the risk. We were among the first managers to offer dedicated emerging market debt investment strategies and our specialist teams benefit from that extensive experience. Ninety One’s fixed income proposition offers clients actively managed strategies investing in both developed and emerging markets across a range of debt opportunities including sovereign bonds, corporate credit and money markets. Its range of strategies, both global and regional, aim to provide both market-relative returns as well as total return outcomes for clients.


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Access top funds among the 200+ best-in-class unit trusts now available on Endowus Fund Smart