Endowus raises S$23 million in new funding from Lightspeed Venture Partners and SoftBank Ventures Asia
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Leap into prosperity this CNY 💰Get a $88 head start to growing your wealth.

Endowus raises S$23 million in new funding from Lightspeed Venture Partners and SoftBank Ventures Asia

Jun 2022
Apr 2021
Endowus raises S$23 million in new funding from Lightspeed Venture Partners and SoftBank Ventures Asia

Dear Clients of Endowus,

We are thrilled to share with you the news of our S$23 million funding round from Lightspeed Venture Partners and SoftBank Ventures Asia, two leading global venture capital firms. This marks a significant milestone for Endowus as it is our first external fundraise and also a key strategic development that we hope will accelerate the company's vision of making the lives of our clients easier today and better tomorrow, through a digital wealth platform that serves all of your wealth and investing needs.

Celebrating our growth with you

It was just 18 months ago that we unlocked full access to digital Cash, CPF & SRS investing, by being the first to bring a fully online CPF investing experience. Since then we have achieved many more milestones with the releases of Cash Smart, Fund Smart, and most recently, Sustainable ESG Portfolios. Combining these with a robust mobile app and desktop experience, we have made major strides in bringing unprecedented access and advice at the lowest cost to all individual and retail investors here in Singapore.

Setting our sights high for you

Our aspirations and desire to serve our clients better remain the same today as the first day we embarked on this journey. With your continued support, our new investors, and strategic partnerships in place, we are confident that we can achieve our vision of reshaping the wealth and investment industry together.

Despite the many improvements, we know that there is a long way ahead of us, and we are grateful for your patience and support. We continue to welcome any feedback that will help us serve you better. We will remain focused on making meaningful enhancements to our existing offering as well as developing innovative investment solutions that meet your needs.

Staying focused on what matters most to you

While we strive for even stronger growth ahead, what won't change is our dedication to providing you aligned evidence-based advice, exceptional client service, and the lowest achievable costs. We know that we would not be here today sharing this news with you without your support. While we are proud of our achievements, we are even more proud of our clients who we owe for what we are today.

It is our joy and pride to serve you and to help you achieve the best outcomes for you and your loved ones. We are humbled by your support and excited to share our successes with you.

Thank you, and sincerely,

The Endowus Team

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Endowus raises S$23 million in new funding from Lightspeed Venture Partners and SoftBank Ventures Asia

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