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Ashmore is a specialist Emerging Markets investment manager with over twenty years' experience in these markets. Based in London, the business was founded in 1992 as part of the Australia and New Zealand Banking Group. In 1999 Ashmore became independent and today manages USD 91.3 billion (as at 30 September 2021) in pooled funds and segregated accounts.. Today we continue to innovate, offering new strategies that provide an opportunity for investors to participate in Emerging Markets.


Ashmore's outstanding portfolio management and research team have developed an investment approach based on two decades of Emerging Markets experience. Testament to the company's success is the confidence which central banks, government and corporate pension funds, institutions and high net worth individuals have demonstrated by investing with Ashmore.

Our EM Equity expertise

Ashmore’s equity themes all share common underpinning principles. We believe that Emerging and Frontier markets are highly inefficient and provide strong potential for significant alpha generation through actively managed, high conviction and investment focused approaches.Our Equity themes generate alpha from multiple sources. Emerging and Frontier Markets represent a diverse and broad range of economies and markets each at a different stage of development and facing diverse structural challenges. Significant and sustained portfolio returns can therefore be generated by a combination of both fundamental ‘top down’ and ‘bottom up’ decision making. Environmental, Social and Governance factors are explicitly assessed, scored and integrated into our investment process to help enhance our ability to deliver superior risk adjusted returns.

Our EM Fixed Income expertise

Ashmore’s fixed income team is comprised of 33 investment professionals focused on the full range of emerging market debt opportunities in the hard currency and local currency markets. Members of the team have been engaged in fixed income investing since the early days of the markets in the late 1980s/early 1990s. The team manages a wide range of portfolios that include specific subsets of the market or blended strategies that provide exposure to multiple subsets in the sovereign and corporate debt markets.We believe that the best way to gain exposure to strong medium and long-term trends in Emerging Markets is to employ specialist managers using an active approach. The Investment Committee collectively manages all portfolios and meets formally on a weekly basis to review markets, determine our investment strategy, and manage portfolios. We have a specialist, long-term value-driven approach starting with macro, top-down active management. We believe that active management focusing on asset liquidity and political dynamics with superior information and analysis leads to above average returns with lower risk over the cycle.



Refinitiv’s Lipper Fund Awards (UK, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Europe, Nordics): Equity Emerging Markets Global Small & Mid-Cap (3 years)