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As a global investment manager, Schroders recognises its role in shaping the futures of all its stakeholders. Commitment to delivering positive outcomes for clients, employees and wider society lies at the centre of the firm’s culture. Schroders actively and responsibly manages USD $804.3 billion of assets for a wide range of institutions and individuals to help meet their financial goals. With a diverse offering of more than 650 funds across over 40 investment desks in 35 global locations, Schroders has the expertise to understand the needs of its clients and deliver them the right capabilities from across the business.

All data as at 31 March 2021, unless stated otherwise.


Schroders’ business philosophy is based on the belief that by offering clients investment capabilities which successfully protect and enhance their capital, the firm will deliver for its shareholders by creating long term shareholder value. Schroders recognises that it has a wider range of stakeholders including employees, counterparties and suppliers, and society as a whole.

Schroders has a number of strategic partnerships with key investment clients around the world, coupling investment expertise with clients’ distribution networks, to meet the needs of their customers. This partnership strategy gives the firm access to new distribution opportunities around the world, including some of the world’s highest growth markets.

How Schroders delivers for clients

By designing innovative products and services

Schroders strives to understand what clients want and apply this to the funds we offer and the bespoke solutions we develop. Because of deep relationships and use of technology, the firm can track and respond to these changing needs. This is underpinned by a carefully designed structure based on capabilities, which opens up Schroders’ expertise to every client.

By active and intelligent use of technology

Technology and data is at the heart of Schroders’ ceaseless push for investment excellence. Our award-winning impact measurement tool, SustainEx™ is one example.

What differentiates Schroders?

Deep expertise in all asset classes

Schroders’ heritage is unique. For more than two centuries the firm has evolved its understanding of markets and therefore the offering for clients. Today, Schroders comprises of five business areas: Private Assets & Alternatives, Solutions, Mutual Funds, Institutional and Wealth Management.

Actively driving the growth of our business

Schroders has grown into areas of exceptional growth potential. It can offer access to private markets as equally as public markets and is a leading specialist in impact investing.

Global expertise

Schroders’ investment capabilities span the globe. But so does its extensive distribution infrastructure which brings the best of the Schroders proposition to clients wherever they are.

Delivering for Schroders’ other stakeholders

Schroders’ client-led approach allows the firm to deliver for all stakeholders, including shareholders, employees, regulators, suppliers and society.

1. The right proposition to deliver for shareholders: Schroders’ business model focuses on delivering growth over the long term, which enables the firm to generate sustainable shareholder returns. The interests of shareholders are very closely aligned with those of clients, which means that in doing the right thing for clients, Schroders is also able to deliver value to those who have invested in the business.

2. The right culture to deliver for employees: People are central to the ongoing success of the business. Schroders is proud of its reputation as an employer of choice. Schroders’ people strategy aims to attract, develop and retain an agile and diverse workforce.

3. The right principles to deliver for wider society: Schroders believes that engaging with the companies in which it invests and demanding high levels of corporate responsibility for wider society is the right thing to do. As part of its commitment to society, Schroders builds positive relationships with regulators globally. The firm also has good relationships with the external service providers it uses to supplement its own infrastructure.

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