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Thematics AM

Thematics Asset Management is a dedicated equity investor in innovative thematic strategies, which include Water, Safety, Artificial Intelligence & Robotics, the Subscription Economy and Wellness. It invests in a collection of markets that have the potential to grow at a rate superior to that of the broader global economy due to the long-term secular growth drivers that underpin them. It integrates ESG principles in its portfolio construction process.

Thematics Asset Management is an investment affiliate of Natixis Investment Managers.


At Thematics Asset Management, we use a thematic lens to look at the world in our quest to generate sustainable excess returns over the long-term. We have designed our thematic strategies around four major pillars which are defining our philosophy and style, hence our thematic DNA.

Secular growth

We consider Technology, Demographics, Globalisation and Scarcity as the evergreen root causes of “tectonic” shifts shaping tomorrow’s world and affecting companies as well as the flow of money.


Firstly, we are focused on few segments of the global equity market enjoying long-term secular growth underpinned by structural and long-lasting forces. Secondly, we are focused on thematic investable universes that are well-defined along value-chains and of reasonable sizes, which has enabled us to build a strong expertise and track record in our respective fields. Lastly, we are focused on creating a concentrated yet diversified thematic portfolio of high conviction holdings through our dual role of fund manager and analyst.

Unconstrained investment style

Our fundamental and bottom-up stock selection process is un-benchmarked, as we build a forward-looking portfolio whereas indices favour the winners of the past. It also cuts across traditional classifications, be they geographical, sectoral or market capitalisation considerations. As a result, our portfolio has a low overlap with, and a high active share versus global equity indexes.

Responsible investing

Beyond promoting sustainable business practices beneficial to society in general, we believe that the non-financial criteria we consider when making our investment decisions, particularly in relation to socially responsible management, are crucial in de-risking the portfolio and in delivering excess returns.